UT99.org Hosts ChaosUT Mapping Contest

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Great news for fans of the first version of ChaosUT. The folks over at UT99.org are hosting a ChaosUT themed mapping contest. There is an announcement post at their site which gives all the details; https://ut99.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=12367 Be sure to visit … Read More

Sword Progress Continues

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As Warhead mentioned in our last update, he has started coding swords into the new Chaos. More progress has been made, and we have a couple more videos as evidence. First off we show how you will be able to … Read More

TSK models new device for Chaos

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This, is not a weapon. This is also nowhere near complete. In fact, it is only just begun. Thatscrawnykid has been working on several different things for Chaos lately, and this is just one of them. We’ll get into more … Read More

Kael’s Rail Gun Concept

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We have a new artist that just started working with us, and she’s already doing great work! KaelAlexis is doing some concept art for the mod right now, and may move into other areas later. We are planning on bringing … Read More

The King is Back

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Back in the days of Chaos for UT2004, team member LoQtUS made a player model called the Proxy King. And now, for the UT4 version of Chaos, Thatscrawnykid has drawn inspiration from the past, and created a brand new King. … Read More

They’re baaack!

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We’ve hit a big milestone for this version of Chaos – working Proxy Mines are now in-game! The Proxies have probably been the most well known feature of Chaos since they were first brought to life way back in Quake … Read More

Bring on the Proxies

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This is the week when Warhead begins to bring the Proxy Mines into the game. Something we’ve been looking forward to for a long time. Thatscrawnykid has had some models for awhile now, and Shadowstar has once again provided a whole … Read More

Chaos progress continues

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There hasn’t been a news post here recently, but that doesn’t mean we’re not busy. It’s just that our latest test build is taking longer than usual to be completed. We will have plenty to talk about once Warhead gets … Read More

Build Update & Hoverboard Effects

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The unstoppable Warhead was able to get the mod updated to the newest build of UT4. It wasn’t easy, there were issues, but he persevered. So he will now continue his efforts to bring the Chaos Hoverboard into the game (among … Read More

Crossbow model

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There is a new weapon model in the works by thatscrawnykid. This time around he is creating a new version of our crossbow. The plans for this weapon include three different types of arrows. The default would be the explosive … Read More

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