Crossbow model

X_Bow_16There is a new weapon model in the works by thatscrawnykid. This time around he is creating a new version of our crossbow. The plans for this weapon include three different types of arrows. The default would be the explosive arrows, for maximum damage. There will also be poison tipped arrows, which will be designed to penetrate armor and eat away directly at your opponent’s health. Finally an arrow with an EMP charge attached, which is designed to shut down things such as relics or vehicles.

In addition, warhead has his hands full both working on getting Chaos updated to the new UT4 build, and at the same time making progress on our Hoverboard. We will have much more to say about that once he gets further along in development.

Our goal is to have full access to your weapons arsenal while riding on the Hoverboard. We also plan to make it so that players can use their personal grappling hook – unlike the board-mounted grapple style of our first version. If this works out, it should lead to some pretty insane gameplay possibilities, considering that our new grappling hook has a cable that accurately bends around game-world objects.

It also is worth mentioning that Shadowstar has already submitted some fresh new sounds for the Hoverboard.

Thanks for reading. Plenty more to come.