Installing ChaosUT2 – PC Users

The ChaosUT2 package comes in two forms, the first and simplest form is the .UT2MOD format. To install ChaosUT2 using this method, just double click on the .UT2MOD file and follow the instructions.

NOTE: What is a .UT2MOD? Well, for the most part, it’s a windows install file that is controlled by the setup program in your UT2003\System directory. It is by far the easiest method to use. However, there may be some people who have problems with this method for various reasons, and so a few of these are covered in the next section.

The second method for installing ChaosUT2 is via a .ZIP file containing all the files necessary to use ChaosUT2, but with instructions for manually placing them where they need to go. This is one solution for those who cannot use the .UT2MOD format for whatever reason, but is a bit more time consuming and can cause problems if the instructions are not followed correctly.

Common Problems with PC Install :

One problem that people often ask is, “What do I do with a .UT2MOD file!!”. Well, as mentioned above, usually all you have to do is just double click the .UT2MOD file and follow directions. (assuming you have UT2003 installed)

Sometimes however, there is a problem when folks double click the .UT2MOD, and a window then opens up, asking which program should be used to run the UT2MOD. This is a known issue with UT/UT2, and is NOT caused by Chaos. But if this happens to you, go to this location and follow the instructions.

If you experience a problem that is not covered here, then E-mail us, or post on our forums, with as many details as possible, including any error messages you encounter (write them down please) and we will try to help you.

Installing ChaosUT2 – Mac Users

Step 1: Be sure you have installed the 2225.1 update! This is an official patch from MacSoft (the company that brought UT2k3 to the mac) and will allow UT2K3 to run under Mac OS X 10.3 Panther. It also offers many UT2k3 speed enhancements. This patch is necessary to resolve rendering issues that prior versions of UT2k3 had with Chaos. For the patch, and more information, go to:

Step 2: Download the zip file of ChaosUT2! You may have noticed that there is a ut2mod installer on the 2nd disc. For your own safety, please ignore its existance. Expand the zip, but leave the folder sitting on the desktop. Locate Unreal Tournament 2003 on your hardrive. Right-click or control-click on the application, and select “Show Package Contents”. You should now see the following window:




Step 3: Open the Chaosut2 folder on your desktop. Simply drag and drop the contents of the chaos folders to their matching “package contents” folders. For example, open the animations folder from your download, highlight all of the files in there, and drag & drop them on the animations folder in the unreal tournament package.

Step 4: Close the package contents, and run the game.

MAC Instructions written by Gamer119