The Bastard Sword

 The Chaos Bastard Sword is a very dangerous weapon, dealing extreme damage with each blow. You must get very close to your opponent to take advantage of its power. Difficult, but possible. And extremely satisfying.


Dev note: Coding for the Bastard Sword has begun! 1st pass version was included in our latest IR. Still have many issues to tackle, but progress continues! 



The Claw

The Claw is the launcher for the infamous Chaos Proxy Mines. The Proxy Mines are an extremely intelligent Artificial Intelligence weapons system – deceptively concealed as cute little smiley faces!

Once activated, the Proxies will randomly bounce around (and chat with each other) until they detect a target. They will then hop aggressively towards the target and detonate when in range.

Users must be careful not to upset the Proxies however, as they are highly unstable. If you step on them or damage them with weapons fire, they are very likely to turn on you.


Dev note: The Claw and Proxies are in-game! Still rough around the edges, but already dangerous.