Installing ChaosUT :

ChaosUT Install Methods:

The ChaosUT package comes in two forms, the first and simplest form is the .UMOD format, which is, for the most part, a windows install file that is controlled by the setup program in your UnrealTournament\System directory. To install ChaosUT using this method just double click on the .UMOD file and follow the instructions. Some people may have problems with this method for various reasons, a few of which are covered below.

The second method for installing ChaosUT is via a .ZIP file containing all the files necessary to use ChaosUT, but with instructions for manually placing them where they need to go. This is one solution for those who cannot use the .UMOD format for whatever reason, but is a bit more time consuming and can cause problems if the instructions are not followed correctly.

Problems with Install :

One problem that people often ask about is what to do with the .UMOD file that you get after you unzip the file containing ChaosUT. As mentioned above, just double click the .UMOD file and follow directions.

Another problem, and this one comes up a LOT more often, is that sometimes when you double click to run the .UMOD, a window opens up, asking you to tell it which program you want to use to run it. This is a common problem with UT, and is NOT caused by ChaosUT. If this happens, your best bet is to Google ‘umod file association’.

And finally, sometimes when people are trying to install the .UMOD, a window comes up with a prompt telling you that v413 of UT is required to install ChaosUT. Assuming you do in fact have version 413 of UT or higher (which is required), then this problem can usually be fixed by opening the manifest.ini and looking for a section called [Unreal Tournament]. At the bottom of that section you’ll see the version number that UT thinks is installed. Change that to say “Version=XXX”, XXX being whatever version of UT you are running, (e.g. 436 for version 436) and then try re-installing Chaos.

If you experience a problem that is not covered here, then E-mail us, or post on our forums, with as many details as possible, including any error messages you encounter (write them down please) and we will try to help you.