Starting ChaosUT2: with the mutator

ChaosUT2 can be played in any standard gametype, simply by using the ChaosUT2: Evolution mutator.

Just go to your mutator selection screen, and in the ‘Available Mutators’ window on the left, double-click on the ChaosUT2: Evolution mutator to move it to the ‘Active Mutators’ column on the right.

This will allow you to use the Chaos weapons and items on ANY STANDARD UT2 MAP, and ANY UT2 GAMETYPE.

This one mutator will cause certain weapons to rotate between standard UT2 weapons, and the new ChaosUT2 weapons, every 30 seconds or so. It will also enable the various other features of ChaosUT2.

This is the main mutator for playing Chaos, and is the only one needed for a standard game.

Then simply click ‘Play’, and Enjoy!

Note: When you click on the ChaosUT2: Evolution mutator, a new ‘Configure Mutator’ button will appear on bottom right of screen. Clicking on this will open the ChaosUT2 menus.


Starting ChaosUT2: with the game types

Starting a game with the Chaos game types works exactly the same as the standard UT2 game types.

Simply select Instant Action from the main menu, and as always you will see the Instant Action | Select Map menu.

Then select any of the Chaos game types from the Game Type drop down menu, just as you would for the standard UT2 game types.

All the maps in your maps folder matching your choice of game type will then automatically be displayed in the windows below (both Chaos and non-Chaos maps will be listed).

Select the map you wish to start with, and then proceed to the Game Rules tab.