In a KOTH game the object is to find the “Hill” and stay on it for as long as you can. KOTH games do not reward frags as the emphasis here is Hill Time. In order to stay on the Hill you will need to defend it against other players/bots who are intent on taking it from you. We have also provided a Team KOTH where you can work with others to defend or take the “Hill”. All KOTH games are time based so don’t spend your time foolishly.

Starting KOTH:

Simply select Instant Action from the main menu, and as always you will see the Instant Action | Select Map menu.

Then select ChaosUT KOTH, or ChaosUT Team KOTH from the Game Type drop down menu, just as you would for any other game type.

All the KOTH maps in your maps folder will then automatically be displayed in the windows below. Select the map you wish to start with, and then proceed to the Game Rules tab.



KOTH Rules :

NOTE: Almost all of the options in this menu are exactly the same as standard UT2003. With the following additions:

KOTH Score Limit – The amount of Hill Time it takes to win a map.

Alone on Hill – If checked you need to be alone on the Hill in order to receive Hill Time. In team games your team needs to be the only one on the Hill to receive Hill Time

Does Hill Location cycle – Only applies to KOTH maps with more than one Hill location. On maps with more than one Hill you can have it so that the Hill ‘moves’. The time for when the Hill moves/changes is set by the Hill Point Duration and that option is only available if this one is selected.

Hill Point Duration (minutes) – Only applies if Hill locations are set to cycle. The number of minutes before the Hill moves/changes is set here.


KOTH Hills & Misc:

KOTH scoring is based entirely on Hill Time. Frags are displayed in the scoreboard, but are not used to determine the winner. The only way to win in a KOTH, or a Team KOTH game, is to earn the set amount of Hill Time before your opponent.

The “Hills” are predefined places in the map. They may or may not be actual Hills! For example, in one map, the top of a Pryamid is the Hill. The readme file of each map will tell you where the Hills are located.

To assist you in finding the Hills, you can use the same BasePath keys available in standard UT2003 CTF. Only instead of showing you the way to the bases in a CTF map, they will now show you the way to the Hill. You may use either BasePath key in KOTH, both will point to the Hill. (the default BasePath keys in UT2003 are the ‘m’ and the ‘n’ keys)

In the 1st screenshot, the player has a tower to the left, and another structure around the corner to the right. But having used the BasePath key, there are now the blue trails up ahead, indicating the ‘Hill’ is to the right. (When in-game the trails are moving, and they follow the basepaths from you to the hill. Just follow the trails.)





Next, after turning the corner, the trails from the BasePath key are now confirming that the Hill is actually the top of this Temple.






When playing KOTH, keeping the leader off of the Hill is key to staying in the game. So to help you out, small crowns will appear floating around the player who currently has the most Hill time. ( Not used in Team games )






And just for fun, the winner gets a nice crown at the end of game! ( Not used in Team games )






HUD & Scoreboard Changes:

The HUD and scoreboard have been changed to provide players information that is helpful while playing KOTH or Team KOTH.


A list of players will be displayed on the left side of your HUD. The 3 players who are leading at the moment will be listed first as the ‘Top 3 Kings’, and if they are on the Hill at the time, there will be a small ‘On-Hill’ icon next to their name.

This is followed by a list of other players who are currently on the Hill.




When you are on the hill, you’ll see a message on your screen letting you know you are there, and the On-Hill Icon will show up by your name.





The scoreboard will indicate Hill Time scores and Deaths. Frags do not count towards your score in a game of KOTH. If any players are currently on the Hill, an On-Hill icon will appear beside their name.







In Team KOTH, the names in the list of ‘Top 3 Kings’ and ‘Rest On Hill’ will be displayed in team colors.







Team scores reflect only the total Hill Time earned by the team, frags do not count. Individual scores reflect frags + hill time, but are only provided for information only, they are not used to determine the winning team.