ChaosUT2 (also known as ‘ChaosUT2’, or ‘CUT2’) was developed by Chaotic Dreams, and is a free modification (commonly referred to as a ‘mod’) of the popular retail game Unreal Tournament 2003, which was created by Epic Games and Digital Extremes.

The Chaos mod was first made for Quake2 (ChaosDM for Q2), and that version was eventually included on the retail CD called ‘Extremities’. The Chaos team then moved on to Unreal Tournament and produced ChaosUT, which was later included on the retail CD released by Epic Games called the ‘Unreal Tournament Game of the Year Edition’. (But as always, each version is still free to download!)

And finally we come to this version, for UT2003, which is our latest effort (though almost certainly not our last!). It represents literally thousands of man-hours in planning, development, and testing, from a very dedicated team. All of whom have given freely of their spare time and valuable skills, simply for the love of the mod, and the satisfaction of a job well done.

ChaosUT2 brings an entirely new feel to the game of UT2003, but does so without removing anything from the original game. Each and every weapon, item, and feature included, covering everything from optional Chaos startup menus, to custom quit messages, has been designed and tested to work with the latest version of UT2003.

Perhaps the heart of the mod however, are the high quality, highly addictive Chaotic weapons. The current version contains a total of 15 weapons. And while some of them were inspired by the ealier Q2 and UT versions of our mod, each has been reegineered and rebuilt from the ground up. Eight of the weapons included are melee weapons, which come complete with their own custom animations. The melee weapons are available in our new game type called ‘Duel’, which was created specifically for them, and which is supported by a diverse set of new maps.

For those who have played Chaos before, we thank you! It is our fans that keep us alive, as a mod and a mod team. And for this we are sincerely grateful. For those who are experiencing Chaos for the 1st time… Welcome! It is our pleasure to bring this mod to you, and we hope that you enjoy yourself.

So…, let the Chaos begin!