ChaosUT2: Evolution (also known as ‘ChaosUT2’, or ‘CUT2’) was developed by Chaotic Dreams, and is a free modification (commonly referred to as a ‘mod’) of the popular retail game Unreal Tournament 2004, which was created by Epic Games and Digital Extremes.

Chaos can perhaps be referred to as ‘a mod for those who like the game they bought’. In other words, we make no attempt at a ‘total conversion’, something that takes possibly the greatest FPS game yet, and turns it into something completely different. That is not our vision.

What we have attempted to do (as always) is to expand the game, bring some nice variety to your play, but to do it in a way where (hopefully) it won’t be so easy to tell where UT2004 ends, and Chaos begins. Our goal is to make the game bigger, deeper, and maybe even a little bit better, all the while appearing as if it came with the original game – right out of the box.

And in doing so, Chaos brings an entirely new feel to the game of UT2004, but does it without removing anything from the original game. Each and every weapon, item, and feature included in this version, covering everything from custom startup menus, to complete game types, to custom quit messages, has been (and always will be) designed and tested to work with the latest version of Unreal Tournament 2004.

Perhaps the heart of the mod however, are the high quality, highly addictive Chaotic weapons. And while some of them were inspired by the earlier versions of our mod, each has been reengineered and rebuilt from the ground up. Some of the weapons included are melee weapons, which come complete with their own custom animations. The melee weapons are now available in most Chaos game types, including Duel, which was created specifically for them, and which is supported by a diverse set of maps.

In addition, Chaos for UT2004 has been designed to be as flexible and as compatible as was reasonably possible. Which is why we have provided a ‘mutator’ version of our ‘mod’. Simply so that Chaos can be played and enjoyed in ALL standard UT2004 game types, in addition to most custom game types, and even when combined with many other mods and/or mutators.

However, Chaos does in fact also come with it’s own complete game types, each with full bot support, and each fully functional in online play. And it is important to note that some Chaos features (ie: melee weapons) are only available through these Chaos game types, and not thru our mutator.

And now, if you’re ready to give us a shot at your hard drive, it’s time to install.