ChaosUT is going to be very similar to a mod we first made for a well-known but older first-person-shooter (ChaosDM for Quake2). Chaos doesn’t have any real sense behind it’s construction. In principle it’s only a bunch of weird and cool things tied together; …simply “chaotic”. However, we always wanted to try to make all of our items somehow interact and fit together…. you will always find a way, or a weapon, which will exploit the weak spot of your enemies. Not every feature of ChaosUT is described in this manual, some of them you will have to find out for yourself.

We have some wonderfully “die hard” fans that love the strategies that our weapons and items bring to the game, so starting ChaosUT was an attempt to create a more “evolved” version of ChaosDM, while making use of the possibilities the Unreal engine provides. This is our attempt to try and keep both new and old fans happy for a long time. And we mean ‘a long time…’, as this is just the current version of ChaosUT, but it doesn’t mean we will now stop here.

Thank you for trying our mod, we hope you enjoy it.