The Chaos package comes in two forms, but we recommend the .UT4MOD format, simply because it is the easiest to use. However, we do provide a Zip version as well. Just be careful if you use the zip install method, because you can have problems if the instructions are not followed correctly.

PC Users – UT4MOD Install

Installing CUT2004 can be as simple as double-clicking on the .UT4MOD file, and following the instructions.

When finished, you will have a new CUT2 Evolution shortcut in your Windows Start menu. Using this shortcut will launch UT2004 with Chaos already ‘activated’.

If you want a desktop shortcut for Chaos, simply right click on the Start menu shortcut, and select ‘Send to’, then ‘Desktop (create shortcut)’.


If you are having problems with UMOD files in general, this wiki page can be helpful:


PC Users – Zip Install

The second method for installing CUT2004 is via a .ZIP file containing all the files necessary to use Chaos.

Usually you should just be able to point the zip to your main UT2004 folder, and it will extract correctly.

However, if you have trouble, you can use these instructions to manually place the files:

ChaosUT2 has it’s own folder within UT2004, and inside there all Chaos files are put in their respective subfolders – with the exception of one file, which goes in the standard UT2004\System folder.

ukx = UT2004\ChaosUT2\Animations
ut2 = UT2004\ChaosUT2\Maps
ogg = UT2004\ChaosUT2\Music
uax = UT2004\ChaosUT2\Sounds
usx = UT2004\ChaosUT2\Static Meshes
utx = UT2004\ChaosUT2\Textures
u = UT2004\ChaosUT2\System
ini = UT2004\ChaosUT2\System
upl = UT2004\ChaosUT2\System
int = UT2004\ChaosUT2\System
ChaosGames.ucl = UT2004\ChaosUT2\System
ChaosUT2.ucl = UT2004\System

If you wish to start UT2004 with Chaos already ‘activated’, you can make a copy of your standard UT2004 desktop shortcut, and add this at the end



Using the Chaos Mutator w/o Activating Chaos Mod

Chaos comes in both “mod” and “mutator” form. To use the ChaosUT2 mutator in normal UT2004, without activating the Chaos mod, simply open your UT2004.ini file, found in your UT2004\System folder, and add these lines in the [Core.System] section:


And there is also a Chaos icon included in the ChaosUT2\Help folder. This way, after a zip install you can still have a custom Chaos shortcut on your desktop with it’s own icon.


Mac Users – Installing CUT2004

The ChaosUT2 package comes with a MAC tool for installing and starting the mod. Just decompress the Mac.sit file and follow the instructions included within.

MAC Installer by halprin