Latest Chaos News

Updated Plans

We haven’t posted an update here for quite some time, but we want anyone who visits to be aware that this team remains active. We are simply moving on from Unreal Tournament. The... Read More

ChaosUT Bastard Sword Cosplay Prop

Porch Viking has created a ChaosUT Bastard Sword prop, and posted pictures over at We think he’s done a damn fine job of it too.   Here is the thread to read... Read More

New model underway

We have a new weapon model in progress, once again by Thatscrawnykid. This time it is a double barrel shotgun, with grenade launcher. It will come with a few EMP grenades pre-loaded, which... Read More

Energy to Matter Conversion

For some time now, we have been working on a system for creating deployables. We want to make it so that there is some sort of a limiting factor on how many and... Read More

Work begins again

It is a new year, and progress continues. We did have some time off a few weeks ago for the holidays, but we’re active again. Thatscrawnykid has been posting some trial and error... Read More

Turret Time

Our next test build is due soon-ish, and it is going to include (among other things) a rough version of our Big-Ass Turret. This thing is going to be a beast. It has... Read More