New model underway

We have a new weapon model in progress, once again by Thatscrawnykid. This time it is a double barrel shotgun, with grenade launcher. It will come with a few EMP grenades pre-loaded, which can be used to shut down things like relics and vehicles.


While it hasn’t yet been coded into the game, our plan is to have this be your startup weapon. Giving freshly spawned players a fighting chance. Allowing them to deal high damage, but only at short range.


Thatscrawnykid is still messing around with the looks of this weapon…













I wouldn’t doubt if he had a couple more done by the time I got around to making this post. I don’t believe he’s settled on the final look yet. If you have a favorite, or want to offer any other feedback, come by our forums or our discord and tell him what you think.


Meanwhile, Warhead is still hammering away at our next test build, and Shadowstar has recently submitted some new sounds for our crossbow. We’ll have more info on both of those in due time.


Thanks for reading!