Energy to Matter Conversion

For some time now, we have been working on a system for creating deployables. We want to make it so that there is some sort of a limiting factor on how many and how often you can create things during a match. Think of it as a sort of mining/crafting system, but more fast paced to suit this kind of game.

After all, we don’t have time to stand around and hack away at boulders with a pick axe. In a game like this, you really want to keep moving. So that is what we use, your movement itself, to ‘mine’ what you need – which is energy.

We do this by using an advanced form of MGE technology. Which means that the combat suit players wear while playing Chaos will be creating energy any time they are moving. That energy is then used to create items during combat.

EMC2_4This will be achieved by using our EMC2 device. It is capable of converting energy the players have created into actual items during the match.

The EMC2 is pre-loaded with various blueprint applications (“Apps”), which you can sort through on the fly to select the appropriate item for your current situation.



EMC2_TurretProjectionWhen you select the EMC2 and hit alt-fire, a holographic projection will be emitted, depicting where the item will created. If the projection is red in color, this indicates that cannot be created in that location. The projection will turn green when a suitable location is found. At this point, you can begin to ‘fire’ energy from the EMC2, and the item will begin to materialize.





Use the Change Ammo key to select a different item to create (currently we have a turret, and a shield dome – more to come later).



Some applications will require much more energy to create than others. You must be aware of your current energy storage to know if you have enough to create the item you have selected.

In team games it is also possible to fire energy from the EMC2 into an item that is being created by another teammate. It is recommended to use teamwork to create large items faster.


EMC2_SpawnCharging_In addition to the pre-loaded apps, players can also use the EMC2 to speed up the respawning time of items placed in the maps at spawn points.

When you see the ghost image of an item on a spawn point, you can pour energy onto it from the EMC2, which will make it spawn much faster.

This will of course have the effect of creating a much more chaotic atmosphere, as you will no longer be able to rely on accurately timing the respawn times of weapons and powerups during the match. Instead, you’ll just have to deal with whatever happens, whenever it happens.

This also means that you have to choose how to best use your energy storage. You can either create a new item with the EMC2, or you can choose to use that energy to speed the respawn time of an already existing weapon or powerup.



But the decision making doesn’t end there. Because this same energy is also used to power all of our relics. So if, for example, you want to float around using our AntiGrav relic, you’ll spend some valuable energy doing that, and you’ll have less available for item creation.


Any one of these abilities made possible by energy usage can be a very powerful tool by themselves, but you won’t be able to use all of them all the time. Nor will you know what strategy your opponent has in mind. You’re going to have to think on your feet. 

And keep moving!