Each Chaos weapon shares one of the weapon slots (on your numbered keys) with a standard UT2 weapon, and it will also share the same spawn points in the maps. This means that when you are playing ChaosUT2, you will find the crossbow in the same spot you normally find the shock rifle. The weapons will simply rotate. Sometimes you’ll find the Shock Rifle there, and sometimes you’ll see the Crossbow. And once you’ve picked up both, you can then switch between them by pressing their select key (in this case the “4”) multiple times.


Rotates with – Shock Rifle

The Crossbow has been one of the most heavily used weapons in Chaos tournament history, and with recent advancements in design and ammunition, this trend is expected to continue. With 3 firing modes, and 4 types of arrows available, this bow is an extremely versatile weapon.

Primary Fire:
Pressing and releasing primary fire button will fire one arrow at a time in rapid succession.

Alternate Fire:
When using alternate fire, you can load up to 5 arrows at once. You simply hold down the alt fire button, and the bow will start to load up more arrows, one at a time. You may release the alt fire key at any time, and fire 2, or 3 or 4 arrows. However, you cannot run around holding multiple arrows loaded up, ready to fire. As soon as the 5th arrow is loaded, the bow will automatically fire.

The Chaotic Dreams Advanced Weapon Option™:

This crossbow features the new Chaotic Dreams Advanced Weapon Option™! When using the crossbow, you may hit your Advanced Weapon Option Key (found in the ChaosUT2 section of your Settings | Control menu) and change the function of the alternate fire.

When the Advanced Weapon Option is activated on the crossbow, instead of alternate fire using multiple arrows, only one arrow at a time will load up, but the windlass will start  cranking, increasing the tension, and thereby greatly increasing the power of that arrow. So you will only fire one arrow at a time, but it will fly farther and faster, and do more damage when it finds it’s target.

Ammo Types:

To change ammo types, use the ‘Change Ammo’ key,
which you can bind in the CUT2 configs.


Regular Arrows: The default arrow type, and sharp enough to rip players heads off.






Poisonous Arrows: A hollow point on these is filled with venom. Upon impact some of this venom will fly out as gas, but it is harmless. The venom remaining in the arrowhead, however, is deadly and the effects of it will last at least several seconds.





Flaming Arrows: The arrowheads on these are flammable, and ignited during the loading process by a sparker at the end of the bow. The arrow does some damage on impact, and since the victim catches on fire, they continue to deliver some damage afterwards as well. Also, when an arrow hits the ground its flame will stay alive for a short while, which can also catch people on fire.




Explosive Arrows: The final arrow type, these attach a small explosive to the end of the arrow, which detonates on impact.







 Grenade Launcher :

Rotates With – Flak Cannon
The Grenade Launcher is most effective in close to medium range combat, quickly and accurately delivering standard fragmentary grenades, as well as napalm, and poison gas. There are also flash grenades available, which can be used quite strategically in team based competition.

Primary Fire: Using the primary fire key will launch grenades which explode on impact.

Alternate Fire: Alt fire will give you timed grenades, that do not explode on impact.


Ammo Types:

To change ammo types, bind a key to ‘Change Ammo’ in the CUT2 configs.

Explosive: Then standard issue grenade, it will explode similarly to a rocket explosion.





Poisonous:  Containing a vial of highly volatile combination of acids, this grenade type will burst into a cloud of poison when it detonates. This poison will cause vision impairments and well as eat away at health.





Napalm: Similar to the poison grenade, except the vial is filled with a self-igniting gas. Upon detonation, flames will be spread over the nearby area, causing burn damage as well as setting players caught in the blaze on fire.





Flash: When detonated, a small but very bright explosion will erupt from these grenades. It is bright and powerful enough to any white-out eyes and visual sensors that are directed towards it, but the effects of this wear off very quickly.





FC12 Multi-Item Launcher (aka: The Claw2) :

Rotates With – Bio Rifle

The Claw2 is a rather unique, and extremely useful weapon. It currently utilizes three completely different ammo types, and is very easy to use, simply pick it up and fire. However, to make the most of this weapon, one must learn to use the ammo types in the proper situations.

The Chaotic Dreams Advanced Weapon Option™:

The Claw2 features the new Chaotic Dreams Advanced Weapon Option™! When using the Claw2, you may hit your Advanced Weapon Option Key (found in the ChaosUT2 section of your Settings | Control menu) and any active ammo – for the type you currently have selected – will instantly explode.

For example; if you have Firemines placed throughout the map, and you want to blow them all up at once …, select the Claw2, switch to Firemine ammo, and hit the AWO key.

NOTE: Yes, this means that in order to utilize the AWO key with a certain ammo type, you must have at least one of that ammo type loaded in the weapon. You cannot use the AWO key on proxies for example, if you are out of proxies.

Ammo Types:
To change ammo types, use the ‘Change Ammo’ key,
which you can bind in the CUT2 configs.

Proxy Mines:

They’re alive! That’s right, the cute and lovable little killing machines are back! And as always, these guys have attitude! They are happy to hunt and frag for their master, but watch out that you don’t get in their way, or make them mad while they are at work!

They just might decide to turn on you!

Proxy Mines- Primary fire:
Releases an active proxy, which will immediately start to hunt for victims upon hitting the ground.

Proxy Mines- Secondary fire:
This puts the proxy in sleep mode, and lowers its visor. It will attach to the first surface it touches, and will stay in play until a hapless victim wanders too close, at which time it will revert to active status.

Fire Mines:
When these mines are placed against a wall or other similar surfaces, they will emit a special laser beam. When that beam is cut, it will ignite in a string of fire. Use them wisely however, as they are easily destroyed, simply by shooting the ‘base’ of the mine.

Primary Fire – Fire Mines:
The mine will attach to whatever surface it hits, and emit a single laser beam, directly out the ‘front’ of the mine.

Alternate Fire – Fire Mines:
The mine will attach to whatever surface it hits, and emit 2 beams, each one coming out either side of the mine.


The Needlers are nice little balls of explosive, packed with extremely sharp ‘needles’, which can cause a massive amount of blood loss to players. These are very useful in close quarters combat.

Primary Fire – Needler:

Primary fire will shoot a bunch of needles directly out of the weapon, which then stick into players.

Alternate Fire – Needler:

When using alternate fire, the needles are delivered in an explosive ‘ball’. This Needleball will stick into players, and blow up after a few seconds.



The ChaosUT Tactically Enhanced Ripper (aka C.U.T.T.E.R.) :

Rotates With – Minigun

Inspired by the Buzzsaw for Q2Chaos, and the Ripper from Unreal Tournament, the CUTTER delivers exactly what players have come to expect. Extremely sharp circular blades flying around the arena, capable of quick clean headshots even after multiple ricochets.


Primary Fire: Fires blades that are designed to remain deadly even after ricocheting repeatedly.

Secondary Fire: The weapon flips on it’s side and fires vertical blades which explode on impact sending shrapnel in all directions.

The CUTTER uses one ammo type, and there are 12 blades per pack.


Enhanced Rail Delivery Weapon: ERDW):

Rotates With – Lightning Gun

The ERDW is capable of delivering a slug at ultra high speed, instantly causing considerable damage to the target. The rail slugs are extremely deadly, however they cause no ‘splash damage’, and in addition, the weapon was not designed with a scope. Thus requiring the user to be a sufficiently trained, and skilled marksman to take full advantage of it’s inclusion in the tournament.

Primary Fire:
Primary fire will deliver one slug to your opponent, in a hurry. The amount of heat energy involved in this will also cause your opponent to instantly ‘steam-up’, and combust. The end result of which is having all flesh removed from the bones, leaving nothing but a skeleton behind.

Alternate Fire:
Building on previous rail gun technology, the secondary fire mode has been enhanced, and is now capable of firing directly through solid objects, such as walls. Without a scope however, it can be extremely difficult to target the enemy using this method, and two slugs are required for each attempt. When using secondary fire with only one slug left, the weapon still fire, but it will not penetrate any walls.

The ERDW uses one type of ammo, and there are six slugs supplied in each refuel package.






Chaos SniperV2:

Rotates With – Lightning Gun

Classic sniping is back, with the return of Chaos Sniper Rifle. Designed to fit the needs of even the most demanding snipers in the game. It’s equipped with a scope, and fires 2 types of ammo.



Primary Fire:
There are two types of ammo available, and regardless which one you have loaded, primary fire will use one round.

Alternate Fire:
Alt fire will bring up the scope. The longer you hold down the button, the further in it zooms.

The Chaotic Dreams Advanced Weapon Option™:
This sniper rifle features the new Chaotic Dreams Advanced Weapon Option™! When using the rifle, you may hit your Advanced Weapon Option Key (found in the ChaosUT2 section of your Settings | Control menu) and change the function of the scope.

When activated, this will enable the new LifeSignTracker (aka LST) system, which uses various methods to detect possible targets. Including heat sensors, heartbeat sensors, and even sound and EM emission detectors, which means the LST system can accurately detect humans, aliens or machines. Once a possible target is indentified, an icon is drawn on the HUD to indicate the location, and it can even track them if they are behind walls!

Ammo Types:
To change ammo types, use the ‘Change Ammo’ key, which you can bind in the CUT2 configs.

Ammo Type ‘A’ : Your standard sniper bullet, traveling at a very high rate of speed. However, it is not an ‘instant hit’ weapon. You may be required to lead your target slightly. You will also see tracer bullets while using the standard ammo. (and so will your enemy)





Ammo Type ‘B’ : Commonly referred to as RPB’s, these Rocket-Propelled Bullets cause considerable damage, and they and can even penetrate multiple targets. However, due to the nature of their delivery system, they leave a distinctive trail of smoke rings, which the enemy can use to locate your position.





The Gravity Vortex Launcher :

Rotates With – Ion Painter – Redeemer

Combining Physics and Chaos always has wonderful results, and the new and improved vortex launcher is a prime example of this. Each vortex launcher comes equipped with an orb held by the launcher’s field, when released, this orb counts down a short timer, and then activates, resulting in a miniature black hole that sucks the air nearby… and anything that happens to be caught in that air. Beware, the pull is quite strong and has a decent range, so make sure you can avoid your own vortex before you fire it!

Primary Fire: Starts the timer on the vortex ball and tosses it a few meters in front of the player. After a bounce or two, it will rise up and activate.

Alternate Fire:Instead of a few meters, this mode can toss the sphere much further, but requires charging time, represented by the charge bar in the HUD.



The Chaotic Dreams Advanced Weapon Option™: The CUT2 Rocket Launcher

Replaces standard issue Rocket Launcher

This modified version of the rocket launcher uses the same model, and has all the features of the normal rocket launcher you have come to love… plus more. When the Advanced Weapon Option Key (found in the ChaosUT2 section of your Settings | Control menu) is pressed, it will activate a hidden laser, and any rockets fired while in this mode will actively seek the laser dot. Which means after firing the rocket, you can then guide it to your target using the laser sight.

The firing configurations remain the same (primary is a single rocket, secondary charges up 3 rockets), and it uses the same ammo as the standard rocket launcher.