ChaosUT2 Melee: The Basics

ChaosUT2 Melee is an all new 3rd person fighting system which features brand new weapons and custom animations. The melee weapons are featured in our Duel and Horde Hunters game types, but they are also available in the Chaos versions of DM, TDM, and KOTH. This page is not specific to any game type however, and covers the basics of the melee fighting system itself.

Players will choose from a variety of weapons, which are described below, however there are some features which are basic to most of them. For example, your primary fire key is always used to attack, and your alt fire key is always used for blocking.

In addition, players can choose from 3 different ‘stances’ (strong, medium, and light) which help control which block or attack that you perform. To change from one stance to another, use the ChaosUT2 ‘Switch Ammo’ key (see configs page), and it will toggle thru all 3. There will be a text message on the bottom right of your screen which will indicate which stance you are in.

With the exception of the Daggers, blocking on all weapons is handled in the same manner.

In light or medium stance;

Front block – use alt fire key while standing still, or moving forwards/backwards.

Left block – use your alt fire key while moving to the right.

Right block – use alt fire key while moving to the left.

In strong stance;

Behind-the-back block – use the alt fire key while standing still, or moving forwards/backwards.

Front block – use the alt fire key while moving left or right.


With so many weapons, animations, and combinations available, we admit it might take some additional time to tweak and perfect each weapon’s attacks with proper damage amounts, and then match them with the best animations for each, and so on. But in general the idea is that a light stance will use faster, less damaging attacks, whereas a strong stance will provide slower, more powerful attacks, and with medium of course being in the middle.

And just as in blocking, moving left or right might produce a different attack than if you were standing still or jumping. Try them all, and see what you find!

This was intended as a general guide only, enough to show you the basics. But the best method to learn this new ChaosUT2 melee system, and all that is possible in it, might be to simply jump right in the game and play for hours and hours on end (and we encourage this!).

However, we realize some folks are going to want to know even more of the nitty-gritty details, in an effort to better understand and master the game. With this in mind (and since it was already written), we have also provided this “Melee 101” section, originally created as an introduction for the beta testing team, so that those of you who are interested can drown yourself in the details. 🙂 Enjoy!

Long Tooth Daggers



While they may be short in range, the attacks possible with these dual daggers are extremely lethal. Due to their nature, they are most effective in the hands of very agile players.







Just like the knights of old, you can wield this two handed sword to defeat your enemies. Its blade is the longest your will find and gives you good protection. Used wisely none shall cross your path!




Long Axe



Once deadly to trees this weapon can chop your enemies up into tiny bits. It has a long handle which gives a decent range, but the smaller blade means you will have to take careful aim. Many warriors will underestimate the axe and pay the ultimate price for that error!



 Double Axe


When one blade on your axe is just not enough, upgrade! It may have a short range but the two large blades make up all of the difference. When you really want to let them know who is the boss, use this double edged baby!





Bastard Sword


Where it all began! The Bastard Sword was first melee weapon to exist in Chaos, dating back to the days of Quake2. It has gone thru some design changes here and there, but remains one of the most well known features of Chaos. Ignored by many, enjoyed by some, and practically a religion to others, this weapon has a rich history…., and a new life just begun!






A common medieval weapon favored by footsoldiers, knights and men at arms. The mace’s iron shaft and head of steel provides enough power to smash the hardest armor… and skulls!






Once a weapon for the true sword masters it has been brought back to life for those skilled or daring enough to wield it. It’s short range is countered by its extreme sharpness of the blade which inflicts major damage to your opponent. Used in the true Samurai style it can be extremely lethal.




War Hammer



The War Hammer is a massive weapon, designed to deliver very painful, bone-crunching blows. It may be cumbersome to carry and use, but when done properly, you won’t have to swing it often. Death comes quickly under the weight of this beast.






The Skaarj has long recognized the claw as the ultimate close-quarters weapon, designed for one and one thing only, evisceration. Entrails rather than heads are the common sights on the floor after a fight with a claw using fighter.







The staff is the most ancient of weapons, but still extremely lethal. The modern day staff combines age old techniques with new age technology to form the one of the fastest, deadliest weapons in Chaos. Mix long ranged swings and short range spins for maximum effectiveness.