First, the basics. We are Chaotic Dreams, a small group of folks who create game modifications (mods) that we call “Chaos” in our spare time. It’s a hobby, we do it for fun and every version of Chaos is available for free download.

The original Chaos was made for Quake2, after which the Chaos team made the jump to the Unreal engine and the Unreal Tournament (UT) series of games. There is a version of Chaos available for most games in the UT series; ChaosUT for the original UT, ChaosUT2 for UT2003, and ChaosUT2:Evolution for UT2004.

In addition we are currently in the process of creating Chaos for UT4!

And we are very proud of the fact that each version of Chaos has enjoyed some favorable recognition. Highlights would include:

Quake 2 – the Quake2 version of Chaos was selected for inclusion on the retail CD called “Extremities”, which was put together by id Software and published by Activision

Unreal Tournament – ChaosUT was selected as one of only 3 mods to be included on the ‘Unreal Tournament Game of the Year Edition’ retail CD released by Epic Games

Unreal Tournament 2003 – ChaosUT2 received 1st place honors for Best Mutator, in Phase 1 of the Make Something Unreal Contest

Unreal Tournament 2004 – ChaosUT2:Evolution was selected for inclusion on the ‘Editor’s Choice Edition’ retail CD released by Epic Games

We are of course very happy will all that stuff, it’s nice to be recognized. But mainly we hope that gamers out there are just plain having fun with Chaos.

For those who have played Chaos before, we thank you! It is our fans/friends that keep us alive as a mod, and a mod team. And for this we are sincerely grateful. For those who are experiencing Chaos for the 1st time… Welcome! It is our pleasure to bring this mod to you, and we hope that you enjoy yourself.





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