Grappling Hook:

The Grapple The grappling hook has been one of the most popular features in various games and we’ve added it to UT as well. The grapple works in a pretty straightforward manner. One press of the hook button fires the grapple, as soon as it hits a wall it will dig in and instantly start to pull you towards that point. Once you get there, hit the hook button again to be released. However, if you press the hook button a second time, before you reach the end of your cable, you will stop being pulled in, and you can now swing from the cable. When you’re done swinging, just press it a third time to be released. In addition, while you are hanging from your grappling hook, the weight of your body will cause the cable to slowly be released, and you will be lowered. Hit your ‘hook up’ key to wind cable back up, and you will be pulled back up. BTW: the blades of the hook are pretty sharp… try it on players 😉 You have to bind two keys for the grappling hook in the ChaosUT mod menu, one master key for shooting/swinging/releasing the hook and one ‘hook-up’ key for going up the cable during the swinging state.


Desperation, last resort weapon (oh heck, it’s fun!)

The last second you saw your teammate in one piece... Once you’ve picked up 10 or more rockets the kamikaze feature becomes available to you. It allows you to explode with great force over a decent sized area. This one’s a real crowd killer, especially now that we’ve made it so that the more rockets you have the bigger the blast radius becomes. This makes it so that sacrificing yourself could really be worth it in big crowded rooms. This is a nice base-buster in CTF or DOM, especially if you coordinate a kamikaze run with a follow-up attack. Now features what we like to call the “Kami-Cam”. Right before you go BOOM, your view will switch to 3rd person so that you can better view the carnage! You have to set one key in the ChaosUT mod menu for triggering the kamikaze blast!


Good for laughs of course, but kicking things can save your life too. For example: A proxy that’s about to get you can be kicked away if timed right, or players may be kicked off into the lava. This can be very funny 🙂 Translocator beacons may be kicked as well; this makes for a lovely surprise for that fellow who thought he could leave it next to YOUR control point.

You have to set one key in the ChaosUT mod menu for triggering a kick!

Spawn Protection:

Chaos is a very dangerous place; you could spawn in the middle of a dozen proxies for example. To try and balance this, we have made the player invulnerable for the first five seconds of his Chaotic life. This gives you a much better chance to escape, or better yet, it gives you some time to grab a weapon and fight back! As long as the spawn protection is active you will see a pulsating wave-like shield around your player-icon on the HUD.

You can change the duration of the respawn protection, or even disable it using the ChaosUT mod menu!



Armour Shards:

Armor Shards We’re not sure why Epic left these out, but we have provided mapmakers with an armor shard to use in the ChaosUT maps. This gives five points of armor and looks real pretty too.







The Gravbelt Find one of these beauties, and gravity’s effect on you will be reduced greatly for a period of time. This allows you to jump and float freely thru the air for a bit before you come back down. Be creative! Many very cool things can be done with this belt. (Try it together with the jump boots! )

The GravBelt will rotate with the jump boots on standard UT maps. On CUT specific maps the mappers can place it wherever they want, and it may or may not rotate with the boots.

The GravBelt will be activated as soon as it’s picked up, and will run out after a certain time limit has expired. This time limit can be set to your liking in the Chaos Config under the Mod menu.

Due to popular demand, the latest model also comes equipped with an ‘On/Off’ switch! This means you no longer have to use up all the Belt’s energy right away. You can turn it off for a bit, and save it until just the right time!

In addition, we’ve added the ability to ‘recharge’ your GravBelt. Any time you have a GravBelt that is not at maximum charge, all you have to do is find and pick up another GravBelt, and your current Belt will be ‘recharged’ back to the max amount of energy (as determined by the server in the Chaos Configs).

Anytime you have a GravBelt, an icon ( With a nice little hot air balloon! Up, up and away! ) will appear directly under your health status indicator, letting you know how much time you have left to float.

Players who have the GravBelt turned on will give off a green glow.

You have to set one key in the ChaosUT mod menu for turning on and off the belt!


 RealLife(tm) Sounds:

No player can avoid these everyday occurrences. For example you sometimes have to sneeze, just as you’re standing five feet away from the enemy in a nice camping place, or you release that ugly, tiny but loud fart, just as you’re trying to sneak past the base guards. Our RealLife sounds (already well known from ChaosDM) “simulate” these kinds of nice happenings 🙂


Giving ChaosUT the final thrill: if you come close to the “point of no return” of zero health, you will be able to hear your heartbeat louder and faster… and so can any nearby enemies…. a nice reminder that you should keep your eyes open for some extra health!