This entire page is a work in progress! The art is WIP, and the descriptions of features are also WIP and subject to change.

NOTE: The material listed here is ONLY what we have in-game so far.

Much more to come.



The Grappling Hook


The Chaos Grappling Hook is a very basic tool on the surface, but one which has an extremely large effect on game play. The grappling hook enables players to move in many fun new ways and to reach all kinds of new areas in maps. The result is an endless variety of truly 3d Chaotic action.


The grapple has a very basic design which allows even first time users to start swinging around.

  • It’s an ‘off-hand’ grapple, you don’t have to switch away from your weapon in order to use it.

  • One press of the ‘Grapple Hook On/Off’ key fires the grapple. As soon as it hooks something it will instantly start to pull you towards that point and then hold you there. Once you get there, simply hit the same key again to be released.

It’s just that easy!

However, for a bit more advanced hooking, you can stop the cable from pulling you in and hang and/or swing from the cable. Just wait until the grapple hooks something and starts to pull you in, but before you reach the end of your cable simply press the hook button a second time. You will stop being pulled in, gravity will begin to affect you, and you can now hang or swing from the cable. When you’re done, just press the same key a third time to be released.

All that with only one keybind!

NEW to Chaos! – For the first time in Chaos history, our grappling hook now features the ability to ‘bend’ and ‘wrap’ around in-game objects.


The Relics

The following 8 items are, by definition, power-ups. In that they require power to operate.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
– Arthur C. Clarke

Though because they are from a source so ancient, they have come to be referred to as relics. You must use your stored Energy to operate these relics, and once the Energy is drained, they will cease to function. One must manage their Energy wisely.


This relic lowers the personal gravity for the user. It allows you to jump higher and float freely through the air for a few seconds before you come back down.

( AntiGrav video )


When you shoot someone while using this relic, you will gain health from the blood trails which leave their body and travel to yours. In addition, you will sprout Vampire wings, which allow you to glide through the air when jumping.

( Vampire video


When this relic is active, you will have 1 or more vengeful spirits hovering behind you as you move through the level. If someone kills you, these spirits will leave the place where you died and head out to try to damage or kill the player who shot you.

( Vengeance video


The player using this relic spews poison and disease from their body as they run around the level. Chasing or getting close to a player using this relic might not be a good idea.

( Pestilence video



When the player uses this relic, they will put away their weapon, enter into a crossed-legged yoga-type stance, and float in the air. During this time they will receive no damage whatsoever.

New feature gives the Zen Master the ability to redirect some incoming projectiles back towards the attacker! 

( Zen video

Ice Medusa

Any player who makes eye contact with the Ice Medusa will slowly begin to freeze in place. In order to be free from this power they must divert their gaze, or, preferably, kill the Ice Medusa.

Ring of Fire

Players using the Ring of Fire will basically be human torches. Anyone who comes too close will catch on fire, and begin to take damage.



The Gemini is your twin on the battlefield. A clone of you will appear and begin to fight for you. He will also try to stay somewhat in your vicinity. They can’t grab or cap flags, but any kills that your Gemini twin gets will be counted towards your score.


The Personal Teleporter

tsk_wip_TeleporterInHandAn upgraded and improved version of the Q2Chaos Personal Teleporter makes a return! The teleporter is an unusual, but very useful tool, that allows the user to instantly transport themselves from where they are standing to a pre-determined spot that they have selected.

To use the Teleporter, simply select it from your inventory, and use your Primary Fire key to toss the locator disc. Alternate fire will then teleport you to the location of the disc.

But there’s more to it than that! You can also access a camera view of the disc while it is active- and you can even remotely pilot the disc and fly it around the level. But be careful! The discs are easily damaged and destroyed!

The Teleporter is available in all game types.



Double Jump & Dodge Jump

They’re back!




The Chaos mod has always featured a ‘kick’ function. Allowing you to kick away enemy players who were all up in your personal space. This time around however, it has been replaced with a Repulse function, which uses a burst of Energy to ‘kick’ players away. The Repulse has the advantage of working in 360 degrees around the player, rather than just players/items that are directly in front of them.

In addition, you can hold the Repulse key down for a few seconds, and ‘charge up’ a more powerfu kick.



If you should hold down the Repulse key for too long, an overload of Energy occurs, resulting in a violent explosion. You will kill yourself, and any poor sap who happened to be nearby.



Armor Shard



The armor shards will automatically replace a random amount of health vials that are placed around the levels. They are worth 5 points of armor each.