Work begins again

It is a new year, and progress continues. We did have some time off a few weeks ago for the holidays, but we’re active again. Thatscrawnykid has been posting some trial and error WIP graphics in our Discord channel this week, and Warhead has already begun coding for our next build. We’ll have more to say about those later.

What we can share now is some work that Kael did before the holidays. She has begun to make weapons move!


Thatscrawnykid also spent some time updating some of our already existing graphics. The Zen Master relic for example.

The 1st image is what he’ll look like when relic is activated, the 2nd pic is how his shield will look if you try to shoot him.


TSK has also revamped the hoverboard effects, the floaty bits:


We have a lot more stuff in progress, please check us out again! 


And we can still use more help if you’re able and interested!


Thanks for reading!