Turret Time

Our next test build is due soon-ish, and it is going to include (among other things) a rough version of our Big-Ass Turret. This thing is going to be a beast. It has not one but two barrels of rocket action, and of course it features an automatic targeting system. Set it and forget it! If you see one of these pop up, be prepared to juke and jive to stay alive.

(this isn’t an in-game pic, it’s a representation of what we’re shooting for)

If the coding goes well, one good counter measure for these beasts will be the proxy mines. The proxies are small and hop around a lot, so traditionally they do a good job of destroying enemy turrets. Just a tip to keep in mind. Try not to panic.

This video is to show approximately what the animation will be like:

We’ll have a lot more to share about this turret once it’s on the test server. Hopefully soon! Work is on-going.

Thanks for reading!