Updated Plans

We haven’t posted an update here for quite some time, but we want anyone who visits to be aware that this team remains active. We are simply moving on from Unreal Tournament.

The sad truth is this – the last publicly released build of UT4 does not support our mod. We cannot update. We tried, but it was not possible, and so we were stuck waiting for Epic to deploy the proper source code to github. Sadly, this never happened. It’s unfortunate, but this is the risk we took when starting to develop a C++ based mod on a pre-alpha game.

Read more about our UT4 efforts here in our forums.

However, we remain active. Development continues, as we are currently testing the waters for a potential UE4 project.

Please join us in our Discord channel if you would like to chat about our efforts. When our plans become more concrete, we will of course be back with news.

Thank you for reading!