Bring on the Proxies

This is the week when Warhead begins to bring the Proxy Mines into the game. Something we’ve been looking forward to for a long time.

Thatscrawnykid has had some models for awhile now, and Shadowstar has once again provided a whole slew of wonderful Proxy voices. But now the work begins of putting it all together and bringing them to life. We are excited, of course, because the Proxies are such a huge part of what makes Chaos so fun. 

Thatscrawnykid is currently in the process of creating the explosions for them. Here’s is a short dev video of where it’s at right now;


Here’s just a few samples of Shadowstar’s voices for the Proxies (he also did Proxy voices for our UT2004 version btw); 



And of course there is much more to the Proxies than just a big bang, and hilarious voices. They also require quite a bit of AI, and that’s where Warhead comes in to do his thing. Luckily he has some experience in AI coding, and we are very confident that he will make it happen. 


Thanks for reading! We hope to have much more in the coming months.