Serious Chaos?

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Hi kids… forgive me if I take ‘admin privilege’ to simply blog for a bit. There is at least a Chaos-y theme to it, so maybe stay with me for just a few minutes and let me bend your ear. … Read More

Live Chat tool available

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UPDATE by RFlagg: due to lack of use, this chat tool has been removed. FOR LIVE CHAT- Visit us in IRC at #chaoticdreams on QuakeNet. Our irc can also be accessed right here on our site at For those … Read More

Chaos coming back online

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Hi. Welcome to the Chaotic Dreams web site. Glad you found us! Our site(s) and forums have been down for some time now, but we’re working to get all things Chaos back online. Our goal is that this one site … Read More

Beta Anti-Gravity Belt

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Hi. Well, as you may have read on this site already, we stopped production for Chaos for UT3, and of course online player numbers for UT3 remain low. So as far as the ChaosUT3 mod itself, not much has really … Read More

Time to Move On

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Well, it’s unfortunate, but we have decided that we’ve waited long enough. There just isn’t enough interest in UT3 out there, and recruiting efforts for experienced coders are falling flat. This really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who … Read More

Progress is slow, but real

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Hello. This is just a small quickie update to let you know that we are still kicking. There has been slow but steady progress on the coding front, and recently some more Chaos maps have seen alpha releases as well. … Read More

Vortex Launcher tweaks

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  The new Gravity Vortex Launcher we showed you last week has had a few more tweaks, and there are updated pics for you (don’t forget to click for much larger versions);         Other things are in … Read More

Progress Update

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Hi there! There’s a lot going on here lately, so here’s the scoop as of today. First of all I’d like to say that our forums are down, we are aware of it, and we’re looking into it. Please bear … Read More

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