Chaos coming back online


Welcome to the Chaotic Dreams web site. Glad you found us! Our site(s) and forums have been down for some time now, but we’re working to get all things Chaos back online.

Our goal is that this one site becomes the home for everything that is Chaos. The Quake2 version of our mod, as well as the UT versions – and whatever else may or may not come down the pike in the future.

For the time being, we’ll probably go with something like Drupal to organize and update the site, and a Drupal theme/template as well. At least that way we can get something going soon-ish that covers all the flavors of Chaos.

Ideally we’d like to hear from a Chaos fan out there somewhere who has enjoyed playing the mod, but also just happens to know a bit about the artistic side of web site design. Lots of people spent uncountable hours over the years creating the free mod we know as Chaos. If you’ve enjoyed their work, and would like to contribute to the scene by doing some artwork/layout work for the mod’s new home on the internets, please let us know –

We also hope to restore the old forums. Obviously we can start new forums, but we would much rather restore the old ones, with all the posts and user ID’s still intact. For the moment, all I’m gonna say is that wheels are turning. We’ll let you know.

And if you have questions or comments about Chaos in general, you can reach me at I promise to respond to all emails that are interesting, or flattering.

If you would like to play some Chaos, check out the freshly updated server page! There are active servers running right now.

There’s more to say, but I’m gonna sign off for now. That way I can post more at another time, and it makes our site seem more active. Clever, eh?

PS – if you happen to know LoQ, tell him I lost his number 🙁

PPS – just one last thing, I’d like to welcome our new Quake2 Chaos News Master, my old friend Trixie! So darn nice, and so damn deadly. What a combo!

Thanks for reading!