Time to Move On

Well, it’s unfortunate, but we have decided that we’ve waited long enough. There just isn’t enough interest in UT3 out there, and recruiting efforts for experienced coders are falling flat. This really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has fired up the game lately and looked in the server browser. UT3 just isn’t bringing in the players. And of course that also translates into fewer folks willing to mod for the game.

So, with that in mind, the Chaos team is now spending it’s time looking around for our next project. We don’t know yet what that will be. We’re not even sure our next game exists yet.

Naturally we feel pretty bad about this. It was never our intention to spend so much time on something, and not have it finished and released. To be blunt, it sucks. Big time. But we just can’t deny the facts either. We’ve worked hard, created many assets, but the required coding talent just never showed up. And it’s been quite awhile now.

Having said that, it’s not like we’re going to throw away or destroy the UT3 items that have been created. And if by chance we run into the right person down the road, sure, we’ll revisit this effort. It certainly would be a shame to see it all go to waste. But for now, we’re putting everything on hold, and regrouping. We will be looking at all the games out there, and all the upcoming games on the horizon, and trying to find a new direction.

If you have suggestions or comments, please come by our forums and let us know how you feel. We will be looking for a game that interests us, has a decent online following, and is ‘mod-able’ to our satisfaction.

So if you are an experienced coder, and have a game in mind that you would love to mod, we are a very dedicated team of talented individuals you just might want to contact.

Please believe us when we say that this news post comes with a very heavy heart. We are not happy about it at all, but there’s no point in dwelling on it, or getting all misty-eyed either. These things happen, and you just have to keep your chin up and look to the future.

We would sincerely like to apologize to any Chaos fans who feel let down by this news. Announcing a mod, and not finishing it, isn’t something we wanted to be known for, and we hope to rectify that in the future.

Please wish us well, and forgive us, our hearts were in the right place.

And we hope to be back, someday.. somewhere…