Progress is slow, but real

Hello. This is just a small quickie update to let you know that we are still kicking. There has been slow but steady progress on the coding front, and recently some more Chaos maps have seen alpha releases as well.

We realize it’s taking awhile, but at least there is this – we will not hold the mod until all of our planned weapons and are in the game. Even in previous versions, that took a very long time, it would be even more so in UT3. So we are planning to release the 1st version of our mutator, as soon as we have at least the grappling hook and the anti-gravity belt working well.

This way the wait is not as long, while at the same time making sure we have at least covered the ‘enhanced’ player movement found in Chaos. We feel this is the ideal way to start, since the combination of the Anti-Gravity Belt and the Grappling Hook is enough to bring a nice Chaos-y feel to the game, and we can just continue to build on that over time. So please check back!

And we still have a few positions open as well;


Familiar with UScript. Capable of coding weapons and game types from the ground up. Ready to begin work upon joining.


‘Full-time’ animator, to assist with some of our original weapons and characters.


Mappers in general, but at this moment, we are especially interested in mappers who are willing to create vehicle DM style maps (at least initially focused on them). The position would require design/layout collaboration with our team.

Web designer

see forum thread here:

We have a talented team in place, works in progress (maps, weapons, sounds, code, characters…), and design docs for potential PC and PS3 projects.

Please contact us if you’re interested!

Thanks for reading!