Progress Update

Hi there! There’s a lot going on here lately, so here’s the scoop as of today.

First of all I’d like to say that our forums are down, we are aware of it, and we’re looking into it. Please bear with us.

And, it just so happens, that our hosts here at BU recently had a crash, and we lost the last couple of news posts that were up here. Those will be re-posted soon.

EDIT: In case you didn’t notice – the forums are back up, and the lost news posts have been restored. We’re rolling again!

And – we have moved our IRC chat room! We are now at ETG, and the channel name is the same as it was before, so now it’s

Everyone is welcome to come on by and chat.

Ok – with that out of the way…, Chaos is still underway for UT3! Yay! And we’ve got some pictures to share with you.

These are still W.I.P. – but here’s the latest version of our Gravity Vortex Launcher (of course click for larger):

And a nice pic of our new Chaos Lord player model holding the new gun;

And a wallpaper-y version of that last pic is available too:

We have more news coming! Thanks for reading!