The new CLAW is born

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We are making progress! Mike, aka thatscrawnykid, has begun work on the newest version of our Proxy Mine Launcher, which we refer to as The Claw. This weapon of course is used to launch our favorite happy yellow bombs, the … Read More

Epic blogs Chaos (part 3)

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Part 3 of the Chaos interview has arrived at the Epic blog. This time around the focus is on our lead artist Mike ‘TSK’ McCormick. Mike talks about the various pieces he’s working on for the mod, but also some … Read More

Rail gun model & Zen Relic

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This past week saw the release of another testing version, #17. For the most part, it is a build in which we address many bug fixes and tweaks, so there’s not a bunch of new art to show. There is … Read More

Epic blogs Chaos (part 2)

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Part 2 of a Chaos interview has been posted over at Epic Game’s UT blog. This time around the focus is on our long time sound designer, Rob (aka Shadowstar). As it turns out, it comes at the same time that … Read More

Epic blogs Chaos (part 1)

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Very exciting news today! Flak, Community Manager at Epic Games, was kind enough to post a story about Chaos on their blog. It’s very cool of them to help us get the word out about or efforts to bring Chaos … Read More

Chaos welcomes MetalFist!

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We at Chaos are very pleased to announce that MetalFist has agreed to join our ranks. She is a talented artist, and we’re lucky to have her aboard. She has already begun working on some very nice art assets which … Read More

TSK creates UT4 gear

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Fear not, ChaosUT4 dev is going strong, and we will have more news coming soon. Warhead is preparing IR14 for the team, and we’ll be sharing info about that soon. In the meantime however, be sure to check out the … Read More

Full feature video IR11

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This video showcases all the features to date using Internal Release 11 ! Much more work to do and in the future brand new relics are coming, fresh off the design presses of our diabolical minds…

IR10 – relic system taking shape

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We are now up to Internal Release #10, and things are going smoothly. One of the key points of this IR, is that we now have laid the groundwork for a fully functional relics system. One of the best features of … Read More

warhead brings the shard: IR9

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Yes, Chaos is still progressing. Currently warhead is coding up Internal Release #9 for us, and this one includes the Armor Shard. As well as many other ‘behind the curtain’ mod maintenance tweaks and improvements, because that’s the kind of … Read More

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