Epic blogs Chaos (part 2)

Part 2 of a Chaos interview has been posted over at Epic Game’s UT blog. This time around the focus is on our long time sound designer, Rob (aka Shadowstar). As it turns out, it comes at the same time that he has just posted another set of new sounds for this version of the mod.

Shadowstar is currently focusing his efforts on our new and improved Personal Teleporter. Chaos first had a Teleporter back in our Quake 2 version, but now we’ve taken some inspiration from UT, and re-imagined our teleporter in a way that blends a bit of Chaos with a bit of UT.

Our new version is activated by launching a disc (as seen in the screenshot), and the player then teleports to where the disc lands. This ‘tele-disc’ however, can also be remotely piloted by the player, enabling them to take it to just about anywhere in the map they want to go,

Lots of sounds are needed for this feature to be complete. Everything from piloting the disc, teleporting, re-calling disc, disc being destroyed, and so forth. As we’ve said before, since this is a Video game, it’s not uncommon for players to overlook the sounds, and focus on the visuals. But we all know that no feature would work well, or seem complete, without quality sounds.

Here’s a small selection of Shadowstar’s work for the new Chaos Teleporter;

teleporter fire


teleporter camera loop


teleporter ready


teleporter teleport


teleporter disc destroyed


Thanks for listening – Stay tuned for more!


Edit: Oh, and by the way – here’s the link to the Epic blog, in case you needed it: