Rail gun model & Zen Relic

This past week saw the release of another testing version, #17. For the most part, it is a build in which we address many bug fixes and tweaks, so there’s not a bunch of new art to show. There is however a great new relic in place, called the Zen relic. Here’s the 1st pass description for it;

When the player uses this relic, they will put away their weapon, enter into a crossed-legged yoga stance, and float in the air. During this time they will receive no damage whatsoever.

Again, the art isn’t in place for Zen yet, but warhead has coded it wonderfully (with some minor tweaks still to go), and Shadowstar has really outdone himself with the sounds. This is another prime example of how good sound work can dramatically improve the user experience.

As soon as our artists get some kickin’ art in place for the Zen, we will post it here.

There is however, some new art by thatscrawnykid, as he has begun to put together a new version of the Chaos rail gun, called the ERDW. More on that to come.

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