Kaal releases CUT map

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Forum member Kaal979 has released a map for the UT version of Chaos. You can find it here;    http://www.mapraider.com/maps/?fileid=5765 And here’s what Kaal had to say; “An outdoor arena with a large center spawning building surrounded by vine-coverd pyramids. … Read More

PQ Interviews TrixieMoo about Chaos

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“Loading up the crossbow for some action! As you may have seen, Trixie and the Moo clan have been keeping Quake 2 Chaos, a mod by Chaotic Dreams, alive with frequent events. Quake2 players are reliving some of their favorite … Read More

We have news …

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There is a post in the Announcements section of our forums, that I want to make sure gets noticed. It’s from the newest member of our team, and here’s a quote; “ I’m Dan, the lead developer of the OctaForge game … Read More

Q2Chaos CTF?

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 Tim has floated the idea of putting up a Q2Chaos CTF server. We are curious if there is any interest in playing if we did so. If you think you might like to give it a try, please respond and … Read More

Old POWs from previous web site

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Finally got ’round to adding all the old ‘pics of the week’ from our previous web site. They’ll start to show up in the random pics sidebar here on the main page. There is also a gallery for them on … Read More

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