We have news …

There is a post in the Announcements section of our forums, that I want to make sure gets noticed. It’s from the newest member of our team, and here’s a quote;

 I’m Dan, the lead developer
of the OctaForge game engine (http://octaforge.org). I’m rather young (18 years
old at this point) and live in the Czech Republic. I’m slowly aiming for world
domination and Octa / Chaos are the tools for my evil plans :).”

read more here.

Q2Chaos CTF?

 Tim has floated the idea of putting up a Q2Chaos CTF server. We are curious if there is any interest in playing if we did so.

If you think you might like to give it a try, please respond and let us know.



(we would also be looking for a volunteer admin from the community to help run the server)

If you would like to reply, we have a thread waiting for you.

Old POWs from previous web site

Finally got ’round to adding all the old ‘pics of the week’ from our previous web site. They’ll start to show up in the random pics sidebar here on the main page. There is also a gallery for them on the screenshot galleries page (link at the bottom of page).

I have also re-installed ChaosUT, and over time will be filling the screenshots page for the CUT section of this new site. We never really had a great sshots page for that version. Time to rectify that.

If anyone would like to contribute, feel free to give me a shout, or just start posting some pics to our forums.


Web site and forums issues

You may have noticed we’re having a few issues with this site and our forums, occasionally going offline past few days. We apologize for that, and are working to correct it once and for all.

As a reminder, if you would like to chat with us in real time, get status updates on what’s going on, or just share your latest cat-related videos, you can join us in IRC at:

#chaoticdreams on QuakeNet

Thank you!

Long Live Chaos

Serious Chaos?

Hi kids… forgive me if I take ‘admin privilege’ to simply blog for a bit. There is at least a Chaos-y theme to it, so maybe stay with me for just a few minutes and let me bend your ear.

It’s been a long time since Chaotic Dreams lost it’s coder, and unfortunately there’s no change in that department. Sadly, this has led to a few years now (wow, time flies) of zero mod development. Thankfully however, there remains players here and there -both online and offline- for the various versions of the mod, and that has kept it from being completely written off into gaming history.

I have always kept the idea of a Chaotic rebirth in the back of my mind. This is because although I’ve enjoyed some other FPS games over the past few years, none of them really match the ‘True 3D’ game-play feel that Chaos brings. No matter how much fun I may have, the old 2-dimensional strafe-dance eventually starts to feel extremely limiting to me, and I find myself mashing my old grapple and grav-belt keys. Desperately trying to add some z-action to my game.

But there are usually problems with the idea. Just as an example, some PC games have actually been released – get this – that don’t even support dedicated servers! Fer cryin’ out loud, what kind of self-respecting development company can do such a thing, and still look their customers in the eye? In other cases there may be other issues that also crash the idea of trying to revive the mod ( like, relying on GameSpy for MP support. Ouch! Been there, tried that. No thanks. )

And then of course there is the oh-too-obvious trend of PC games which simply do not support mod development at all. Maybe it’s too much to ask for a quality editor, maybe they don’t want free mods released so they can sell more bonus packs, or just whatever. But it’s gotten to a point where you start to wonder if mods like Chaos are part of an era that simply has seen it’s time come and go.

Well, maybe so. And then again, maybe not. Enter Serious Sam 3.

Serious Sam 3 is a fun game, reasonably priced, and it supports dedicated servers. I have been enjoying the SP campaign with my good friend Dorian, and it’s not bad at all. Sure, there are issues (the most glaring would have to be a lack of bots for offline play, and not enough maps on release), and things I would change if I had made the game, but for the price, it’s good ‘n bloody fun.

But even better, is the fact that the creators – Croteam – have said that they plan to release an SDK for this game. Yes, it’s a Steamworks based game, and you need what is called an SDK in order to develop mods along the lines of Chaos (as opposed to basically ‘re-skin’ mods and the like). So this is good news. They have not released this SDK just yet, but I’m taking them at their word, and assuming it is in fact coming at some point.

IF that happens, and Croteam does release an SDK, I would love to see some talented coder step forward and start to make some kind of mod that adds much more ‘True 3D’ player movement to the game. Strafe dancing is Ok, but it just doesn’t create the type of addicting atmosphere that many of us who play Chaos are looking for. As Chaos fans already know, when you play Chaos, every inch of a map becomes playable. No longer are you restricted to two dimensions. No longer are you tied to the floor. You’ll play in ways that even the map maker had no idea was possible. And so on.

And if the planets were to align just right – maybe some ‘serious’ coder who is interested in doing something like that, might just decide to take advantage of the history Chaos has, and take on this old project. Sure, it’s been quite some time, and you could argue the mod has seen it’s time come and go, But then again, a Phoenix-rising story could make for some great headlines. Maybe bring some attention that a brand new mod might not get.

Anyway, I recommend SS3 to anyone out there who is looking for some good SP campaign fun, especially in co-op with a friend or two. As previously mentioned, there is a distinct lack of maps for true MP – but there is hope for that to be addressed by Croteam. And there is already one user-made map out, which I’m enjoying very much. It’s for the Survival game type (UT2004 players would know it as Invasion), and more custom made maps are on the way.

I’m just a player, I’m not a content creator. But I enjoy SS3, and I’m going to do my part to bring in some buddies to play with me. Maybe even twist an arm or two to start a server for us, try to start a humble little community based on casual fun – and every once in awhile – while enjoying a frag or two with friendly folks I meet in-game, just casually mentioning how much more fun this game would be if it had a version of this old mod I know about …

wanna join me?

Either way. Thanks for reading.

PS: if you’d like to reply to this, there’s a forum thread all ready for you.

Live Chat tool available

UPDATE by RFlagg:

due to lack of use, this chat tool has been removed.

FOR LIVE CHAT- Visit us in IRC at #chaoticdreams on QuakeNet. Our irc can also be accessed right here on our site at

For those who would like to chat live with other Chaos players, there is a new live chat tool available right here on the site. You can see it on the bottom right of your screen. Just click on the header that says Live Chaos Chat and you are added to the public chat room.

Signing in with your preferred nick is easy. You can sign in via your Facebook account, your twitter account, or sign in as guest, and just type in whatever nick you want.

Feel free to offer feedback or comments.

Of course we still have a Steam chat room, where you can see other Chaos folks if they happen to be on Steam at the time. And we still have IRC. Info for those are available on the sidebar of the main page here.

Tim officially joins Chaotic Dreams

Granted, it’s been a long time since a version of our mod was actually released, but some of us still hold out hope for the future. As well as simply having fun playing the existing versions.

With that in mind, Tim is working on reviving our web site and forums. Won’t be long now, and they will be live again. Keep an eye on chaoticdreams.org domain.

He is also now an ‘official’ member of Chaotic Dreams, as server admin.

Thanks Tim, for all your efforts to keep the Chaos alive!

Chaos coming back online


Welcome to the Chaotic Dreams web site. Glad you found us! Our site(s) and forums have been down for some time now, but we’re working to get all things Chaos back online.

Our goal is that this one site becomes the home for everything that is Chaos. The Quake2 version of our mod, as well as the UT versions – and whatever else may or may not come down the pike in the future.

For the time being, we’ll probably go with something like Drupal to organize and update the site, and a Drupal theme/template as well. At least that way we can get something going soon-ish that covers all the flavors of Chaos.

Ideally we’d like to hear from a Chaos fan out there somewhere who has enjoyed playing the mod, but also just happens to know a bit about the artistic side of web site design. Lots of people spent uncountable hours over the years creating the free mod we know as Chaos. If you’ve enjoyed their work, and would like to contribute to the scene by doing some artwork/layout work for the mod’s new home on the internets, please let us know – tim@chaoticdreams.org

We also hope to restore the old forums. Obviously we can start new forums, but we would much rather restore the old ones, with all the posts and user ID’s still intact. For the moment, all I’m gonna say is that wheels are turning. We’ll let you know.

And if you have questions or comments about Chaos in general, you can reach me at rflagg@chaoticdreams.org. I promise to respond to all emails that are interesting, or flattering.

If you would like to play some Chaos, check out the freshly updated server page! There are active servers running right now.

There’s more to say, but I’m gonna sign off for now. That way I can post more at another time, and it makes our site seem more active. Clever, eh?

PS – if you happen to know LoQ, tell him I lost his number :(

PPS – just one last thing, I’d like to welcome our new Quake2 Chaos News Master, my old friend Trixie! So darn nice, and so damn deadly. What a combo!

Thanks for reading!


Beta Anti-Gravity Belt


Well, as you may have read on this site already, we stopped production for Chaos for UT3, and of course online player numbers for UT3 remain low. So as far as the ChaosUT3 mod itself, not much has really changed since our last news post on this site.

However, some folks like myself still get the urge to play from time to time, we just don’t really prefer the style of play that you find in vanilla UT3 (and for me personally, especially CTF/VCTF, which are my favorite game types). But as time goes by, more and more mutators are being created, and some of them bring some very nice gameplay improvements.

With that in mind, we are now running a UT3 VCTF server. So no, it is not a ‘Chaos mod’ server, it simply attempts to combine a few mutators that other folks have created to help make UT3 VCTF a bit more enjoyable. Just to help pass the time, and get some use out of the game we bought (of course you can still play ChaosUT2 as well ;p ).

The server info:

Server Name = CarryTheFlag
Password = cut3
IP =

It should be visible in the UT3 server browser under VCTF, or you can copy/paste this into your console:


This server is running the Carry The Flag mutator, which is being coded for UT3 by [Apoc]Death. This style of CTF was first introduced to the UT series by a guy named Versix back in the first UT, and was also how ChaosUT2 CTF was played. The ChaosUT2 version was a bit different than the Versix version, but the main point was the same… meaning you cannot simply touch your dropped flag in order to have it returned to your base, you must actually pick it up and carry it back. Speaking for myself, this is how every version of CTF/VCTF should work in FPS shooters today. And even though it’s not currently being created by Chaotic Dreams, it’s still a welcome addition anytime it’s done.

I would like to thank [Apoc]Death ( www.apoc.org ) for allowing us to help play-test his mutator on our server. It is still in development, and is not considered finished yet, but it is working very well. It is certainly playable, without any crashes or anything nasty like that.

And to help bring some more of that old ChaosCTF feel, we are also running ClassicVCTF, by Xyx, which means you can carry the flags in ground vehicles. This too was a much needed improvement to the vanilla VCTF of UT3, and thanks to Xyx for making it available.

And to make it even more ‘Chaos-y’, we have included an as yet unfinished Chaos Anti-Gravity Belt, that was coded for ChaosUT3 by MonsOlympus. It’s unfortunate that the whole mod was not finished, but this beta Belt is somewhat playable, so we’ve added it for you to check out. Who knows, maybe somebody will enjoy it, and help me prod Mons into finishing it up.

For those not familiar with what an Anti-Gravity Belt is, you can read about it in our Chaos for UT2004 docs, right here.

You will have the Belt automatically when you join the server, and every time you respawn. It has an energy counter on your screen (looks like the Beserk counter for now) which slowly counts down as the Belt is in use. And you can turn it on and off at will throughout the match. It recharges itself when not in use.

For the time being anyway, in order to use the Anti-Gravity Belt, you must type this into the console at the beginning of each map:

setbind x mutate useitem

This allows you to toggle the Belt on and off. And of course you can change “x” to any key you want. Hopefully future updates will allow you to set a permanent keybind.

This is a Beta build of the Anti-Gravity Belt, it is not perfect. Occasionally it will stop working, but will work again next time you get fragged. It also doesn’t have a sound yet, or any visual trail, but at least you can float. If you find any more problems with it, feel free to tell us all about it.

In order to further enhance the gameplay of UT3, we are also running these fine mutators;

Camera Control – so you can scroll camera view while in vehicles
BattleMod – this gives us fast weapon switch, and UT2k4-style dodgejump
Allow Player Alias – so you can change your nick to whatever you want
Win_Dex – removes some of the ‘name tags’ over player’s heads
No Deployables – removes deployable pickups (SpiderMine traps, EMPs, etc)
Vehicle Replacer – no more invisible vehicles

And these custom VCTF maps:

Canal Warfare LE
CBP3-The Dig
Hanging Gardens
Infection Forest SEV2
Megastructure SE
Off The Rails LE
Slax ][

This thread at Epic forums has links to these maps. Let us know if you can’t find one, or if you want to add another one.

We may make changes and/or additions to the server from time to time, and the most up-to-date info will be found in this forum thread;