CUT2 – 3.8001 Public BETA Released

Recently we released a public BETA labeled 3.8, for ChaosUT2 (UT2004). It quickly became clear to us that a kind of important bug had slipped past us, in that the bots weren’t using the vehicles in ChaosCTF or HyperCTF. Something … Read More

Cal Joins Chaos – plus CUT2 BETA 3.8 released

We are happy to share with you our latest public BETA for our ChaosUT2:Evolution mod. There are a very large number of changes and additions in this build. Highlights for this version include; – a totally revamped Hoverboard (which includes … Read More

Cal posts more CUT2 update info

Cal has been very busy making all kinds of updates to the UT2004 version of our mod. He has progressed beyond just fixing bugs, to actually adding new features. For example, our HyperCTF game type is getting one hell of … Read More

Imp Hunting in Horde Hunters

Just the latest example of videos being added to our ChaosUT2:Evolution section. Imps are but one of the many custom monsters you will find in Horde Hunters. Comments are welcome in this thread.

New videos page added – CUT2:E

We have added a new ‘videos’ page under the ChaosUT2:Evolution section. Here you can see embedded videos that show off some various effects from the mod. Even if you’ve played the mod before, you might want to keep an eye … Read More