CUT2 – 3.8001 Public BETA Released

Recently we released a public BETA labeled 3.8, for ChaosUT2 (UT2004). It quickly became clear to us that a kind of important bug had slipped past us, in that the bots weren’t using the vehicles in ChaosCTF or HyperCTF. Something that we should have noticed, but then again, this is the nature of the beta testing process.

It’s not unusual for a BETA build to have bugs, that’s how these things go. But since this one was kind of a bummer to someone who might want to play ChaosCTF or HyperCTF with the bots, we decided to address it right away. So we have released public beta 3.8001. This can be grabbed right here:

Public BETA 3.8001

This small hotfix requires that you are already patched up to our previous (much larger) BETA build, which was 3.8 (see previous post for all the info on what 3.8 included). If you don’t have that yet, you can get it right here:

Public BETA 3.8

If you would like to see 3.8001 in action, you can do so right now at genman‘s server;

ChaosVer3.8001RunningStandardandCBPMaps –

Thanks to genman for the server!

– – –


These recent BETAs included (among other things) a revamped Hoverboard, and some updates to HyperCTF (which features the Hoverboard). But much like any other game type out there, the right mix of maps is really required in order to get the most out of the game play. (Kinda like if you wanted to play our melee Duel game type, but you jumped into a huge 32 player Onslaught map – you might walk away thinking “WTF was that about!”)

So if you want to try out HyperCTF, there is a list of maps I posted on our forums that I feel help to highlight the type of game play that was in mind when putting HyperCTF together;

VCTF maps for HyperCTF

Just to be clear, those are not Chaos maps, they are just maps that I think work well for the game type.

I hope you decide to give HyperCTF a shot. It is still a WIP version of VCTF, but one I consider a ‘proof of concept’, and one that I hope to see more development on in the future.

Thanks for reading!