Cal posts more CUT2 update info

Cal has been very busy making all kinds of updates to the UT2004 version of our mod. He has progressed beyond just fixing bugs, to actually adding new features. For example, our HyperCTF game type is getting one hell of a make-over. Here’s a video he posted showing some of the new Hoverboard changes;

and there’s more. So feel free to visit his dev thread in our forums right here:

Cal’s Development Journal

By the way, the next release/update of our public beta is expected to be approximately a week from now, on or around 9/08. At that time you should be able to try a few barrel rolls yourself.


erdw_orange  How about players getting to choose from various colored rail guns (and rail gun effects), which actually show up in online matches? (non-team games of course).

We’re working on it! Fingers crossed!