Metalfist Rocks Paper CUT

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Ladies and Gentlemen, we have tweeted and Facebooked this news, but it’s just so cool that it needed to be posted here too. Metalfist has created ‘PaperCraft’ models of the ChaosUT weapon arsenal. Way cool and original. Not only that, … Read More

Mark joins Chaos, releases new IR

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We are very lucky to be able to announce, that Mark, aka warhead, has joined Chaotic Dreams. He has coded our latest Internal Release, which the Team just got last night. This is no small matter, as anyone out there … Read More

Mike Joins Chaos, slays Malcolm

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Mike, aka thatscrawnykid, has joined Chaotic Dreams, and promptly slays Malcolm with his new Proxies and Bastard Sword. This is for the new, free, version of UT that is in the works, and Mike’s work is looking very, very good … Read More

Saturday’s Chaotic Affair

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Hi Chaos fans, A Chaotic event is scheduled for Sat. Oct. 11th @ 6:30pm PST. Place: Mootown Chaos Revived New IP # Hope to see you there! ~Trixie

Mother Chaos Down Under

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A friendly visitor using the tag: “progames” has posted the following in our forum: Hey all… been a while but just wanted to drop a heads up that Progames Australia is back on the interwebz… we even have our ORIGINAL … Read More

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