TSK gets some attention on UT4 forums

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Our very own thatscrawnykid is getting some well-deserved attention over on the Epic forums for his WIP shcok rifle. Head on over to the UT4 forums and take a look, maybe offer him some support – and feedback on his … Read More

Scheduled Downtime

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Our rock solid host, Tim, has informed us that we will be temporarily down for a brief time sometime soon. He is doing some server migration for the Chaos site, and forums. So don’t be surprised if we briefly dissappear … Read More

thatscrawnykid weekends at Epic

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Mike (thatscrawnykid) seems to have had a great time representing Chaos at the Epic Community Event this past weekend. We are lucky to have him as part of our team, and it’s great to see him enjoying himself being a … Read More

2 ChaosUT (UT99) servers up

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Dr.Flay and SyntaxError are talking about 2 new Chaos TEST servers up and running for the original Unreal Tournament; Doc says; “2 test servers are up. They are provided by “The Errorist Network” http://forum.errorist.tk/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=90 They should have the complete map … Read More

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