IR10 – relic system taking shape

We are now up to Internal Release #10, and things are going smoothly. One of the key points of this IR, is that we now have laid the groundwork for a fully functional relics system. One of the best features of this system, is that players can drop one relic mid-match, and pick up another one they find laying around the map. Our plan is to have 8 relics when finished, and we have two in-game and working so far.

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Here is an edited changelog for those that are interested:

New Anti-Gravity Relic
Removed old Anti-Grav Belt
Now using new Kami explosion sounds and male screams
Projectiles now pass through pickups
Pickups now only kick in response to splash damage
Fixed net play issues with pickup kicking and tossing
Once you have tossed a Relic, you can’t pick it up again until you are fragged, or until another player uses it
When a respawnable and kickable pickup gets kicked, respawn it at it’s original location
Added ability to set a Base on pickups
Based pickups can not be kicked
Kickable can no longer be set by mapper
Deemer kill via Vampire Relic no longer puts too much health in death bag
Fixed bug wherein Vampire Relic death bag sometimes would not spawn
Tripled flight path radius of vampire cords
Turned off decals on all pickup meshes
Fixed certain weapons not killing vampire bag
Fixed cable wrapping issues in dm-chill lifts