The Chaotic Dreams Team:

SPA aka Stefan Spatz – chaotic dreams founder, models, animations, skins, sounds,
weird ideas & more…

 Jb – CUT2 project leader, coding, maps, Kap’n KOTH, graphics

LoQtUS – maps, skins, models

FurrySound – web hosting, official public and private servers

Jeff Sliva aka Gasman – coding, testing

Wormbo – coding

Marsfyre – maps

Jörg Bandura aka Deus.ex.machina – maps, testing

Neolith – models, skins

Jeditobe1 – coding, beta testing, PR

Shadowstar – sounds, maps

its23skidu – models, skins

Jim Marlowe – coding

Shuriken – mapping, beta testing

Mark ‘R.Flagg’ Myers – beta testing, manual writing, web updates, PR

Our Team of Beta Testers: 



Ice Hunter







Special thanks to:

Miles Asvachin (aka Mr.Evil), Jason Yu (aka Captain Kewl), DJPaul, and Gameover for their help with code, Keto for his help with Melee, and the Shattered Oaisis team for help in debugging the Duel game logic.

And all the people at Infogrames and Epic who believed in Chaos and helped us to make this thing happen, especially Tim Hess, Steve Allison, Steve Polge and “CliffyB”

Ed[COWA] of for aiding in our hosting and development needs.

And of course many thanks and greetings to all the rest of the Chaotic Dreams team, both past and present, who have helped us get to this point.
( You can find a complete list at )

Any non-Chaotic playermodel-skins and/or textures, maps etc. which might have found their way to the screenshots are copyrighted by their corresponding authors and can be found around the web at PlanetUnreal, NaliCity, etc.