Movement Generated Energy (MGE)

Based on an advanced form of MGE technology, the combat suit players wear while playing Chaos will be creating energy any time they are moving. That energy is then used to power various items during combat. These items have the potential to be deciding factors in winning or losing a match, which means it is imperative to have energy to power them. And the only way to get that energy – is to keep moving!

It is important to understand though that the energy transfer of the suit is a one way switch. In other words, it can be either creating energy as you move around, or it can be using energy as you power up devices, but it cannot do both at the same time. This means that any time an energy based weapon or device is activated you are losing energy – even if you are still moving at the time!



There will be an icon on your HUD indicating your current energy level (the one pictured is temporary, a more suitable hud meter is in the works).




The following items all require energy to operate.


Energy to Mass Converter, version 2 (EMC2)

EMC2_4All players are equipped with with an EMC2 device upon entering the arena. It is capable of converting energy the players have created into useful weaponry or supporting devices.

The EMC2 is pre-loaded with various blueprint applications (“Apps”), which you can sort through on the fly to select the appropriate item for your current situation.


EMC2_TurretProjectionWhen you select the EMC2 and hit alt-fire, a holographic projection will be emitted, depicting where the item will created. If the projection is red in color, this indicates that cannot be created in that location. The projection will turn green when a suitable location is found. At this point, you can begin to ‘fire’ energy from the EMC2, and the item will begin to materialize.

Use the Change Ammo key to select a different item to create (currently we have a turret, and a shield dome – more to come later).

Some applications will require much more energy to create than others. You must be aware of your current energy storage to know if you have enough to create the item you have selected.

In team games it is also possible to fire energy from the EMC2 into an item that is being created by another teammate. It is recommended to use teamwork to create large items faster.



In addition to the pre-loaded apps, players can also use the EMC2 to speed up the respawning time of items placed in the maps at spawn points.

When you see the ghost image of an item on a spawn point, you can pour energy onto it from the EMC2, which will make it spawn much faster.



The Relics

You must use your stored Energy to operate these relics, and once the Energy is drained, they will cease to function.


This relic lowers the personal gravity for the user. It allows you to jump higher and float freely through the air for a few seconds before you come back down.

( AntiGrav video )


When you shoot someone while using this relic, you will gain health from the blood trails which leave their body and travel to yours. In addition, you will sprout Vampire wings, which allow you to glide through the air when jumping.

( Vampire video


When this relic is active, you will have 1 or more vengeful spirits hovering behind you as you move through the level. If someone kills you, these spirits will leave the place where you died and head out to try to damage or kill the player who shot you.

( Vengeance video


The player using this relic spews poison and disease from their body as they run around the level. Chasing or getting close to a player using this relic might not be a good idea.

( Pestilence video



When the player uses this relic, they will put away their weapon, enter into a crossed-legged yoga-type stance, and float in the air. During this time they will receive no damage whatsoever.

New feature gives the Zen Master the ability to redirect some incoming projectiles back towards the attacker! 

( Zen video

Ice Medusa

Any player who makes eye contact with the Ice Medusa will slowly begin to freeze in place. In order to be free from this power they must divert their gaze, or, preferably, kill the Ice Medusa.

Ring of Fire

Players using the Ring of Fire will basically be human torches. Anyone who comes too close will catch on fire, and begin to take damage.



The Gemini is your twin on the battlefield. A clone of you will appear and begin to fight for you. He will also try to stay somewhat in your vicinity. They can’t grab or cap flags, but any kills that your Gemini twin gets will be counted towards your score.



Repulse_IR28_2During combat there are times when another player is too close for you to use a weapon effectively. In these situations, you can make use of the Repulse function. This releases a 360 degree burst of your stored energy to ‘kick’ players away from you.

In addition, you can hold the Repulse key down for a few seconds, and ‘charge up’ a more powerful burst, which in turn knocks players even farther away.



If you should hold down the Repulse key for too long however, an overload of energy occurs, resulting in a violent explosion. You will kill yourself, and any poor sap who happened to be nearby.