TSK creates UT4 gear

Fear not, ChaosUT4 dev is going strong, and we will have more news coming soon. Warhead is preparing IR14 for the team, and we’ll be sharing info about that soon. In the meantime however, be sure to check out the … Read More

Bendy cable supports moving objects

A quick demo showing the new ability of our cable to bend around moving objects. Shown here, the cable bending as a lift moves up and down   and here, Bendy on sliding doors  

Thursday Chaos…

Hi Gang, Place: Mootown Chaos Revived IP # We’re planning a one day Chaotic event starting Thurs. Nov. 8th @ 6:00pm PST. Hope to see YOU there! ~Trixie 😉

Serious Chaos?

Hi kids… forgive me if I take ‘admin privilege’ to simply blog for a bit. There is at least a Chaos-y theme to it, so maybe stay with me for just a few minutes and let me bend your ear. … Read More