Introducing TSK Skate Park and Chaos Hoverboard!

After much research and development, the hoverboard finally nears completion, along with the new hoverboard-only deathmatch map, TSK SkatePark! More exciting and unique game modes coming in future!

Full feature video IR11

This video showcases all the features to date using Internal Release 11 ! Much more work to do and in the future brand new relics are coming, fresh off the design presses of our diabolical minds…

Bendy cable supports moving objects

A quick demo showing the new ability of our cable to bend around moving objects. Shown here, the cable bending as a lift moves up and down   and here, Bendy on sliding doors  

Grapple Hook to support bending around objects

We have completed work on a grapple hook cable prototype which wraps around objects. The old cable would pass through anything, but now it will bend, wrap and hang. This is a game changer and will open up a new … Read More