Updates to code & art

There is a lot of progress going on right now! We have a crossbow being coded, as well as the EMC2 device. Both should be ready for the team to play with on our test server very soon. 

Warhead is working on code for the EMC2 device, and seems to be very confident about its progress. Thatscrawnykid created the model, and recently provided this picture of what it looks like in 3rd person;

Warhead then shared this picture on his twitter account (@warhead328) of the device in action ;


Now it’s important to note there, that those effects you seem coming out of the device are just placeholder effects. We’ll have custom effects eventually. Also, whatever it’s doing there, is only one feature of this device. We have even bigger plans for it down the road. 


But wait, there’s more. KaelAlexis has been working on code for the crossbow;


Kael also is reporting very positively about her progress with the crossbow code. We plan on 3 types of ammo for the crossbow.

The default ammo will be explosive, then there is EMP (to shut down things like vehicles or relics), and then there will also be poison arrows. 

About the poison arrows, the nice thing about them is that they completely bypass any armor the player has, and eats directly away at their health. Should be very useful against a fully stacked opponent. On top of that, the damage that the poison dishes out, increases a bit if you can hit them with another arrow within a few seconds. Here is how Kael explained it;

“… the crossbow poison status has this mechanic that the damage increments every time the victim is hit by another poisonous arrow. Making it a viable counter for who has 199 health and 150 shield. Since it ignores shield, you can kill someone with 199 health with 5 shots if you don’t miss any shots in under 8 seconds. After 8 seconds the poison will run out, and the damage will reset. If you keep letting the poison run out, you’ll only kill someone with 199 health with 10 shots.”

So you will do very well if you’re very accurate, and can hit multiple poison arrows in a short period of time. 


On the art side, Thatscrawnykid continues to be extremely productive, giving us not only the 2 models above (which are still WIP, as usual), but has also been creating some environmental art; 




We of course would like very much to eventually have custom Chaos maps, designed with our style of play in mind. These assets are for that purpose. We are also still interested in having mappers join the team, so if you’re a talented mapper and would like a creative outlet for your work, please come talk to us. 


I would also note that there is even more being created right now, than has been mentioned in this post. 


Thanks for reading.