Chaos Dev Rolls On

Warhead has put out another test build for the team, and testing is ongoing. The list of changes and improvements for this build is quite large. Many bugs were squashed, and more features were added. 

One really nice addition is that now the Claw automatically replaces the Bio Rifle. This means that any time you’re playing a map with a Bio Rifle spawn point, you’re going to find a Claw there instead. Such as in DM-Deck;


Currently when you pick up the Claw it comes pre-loaded with 12 proxies, but we’re going to back that down to 6 for the next build. Max ammo will be 12. 

Another really cool feature that we’re playing with, is the ability to use your sword for blocking, by pressing Alt Fire; 


There is an ‘actual sword’ there that you are using, so it’s not like you just automatically block. To quote Warhead; 


There is no limit to how much you can do this. We decided to let Physics make the call, so depending on the angle, timing, etc, shots can get through. I mean, hey, you’re sticking a sword out, yea, stuff is going to get through. Seems a pretty balanced feature, as both defender and attacker have options and blocking has some skill dependency.


You will also be able to block some things like bullets as well. This will include things like Pulse fire;


Thanks for reading. We’ll have more to show, so please check back.