Mark joins Chaos, releases new IR


We are very lucky to be able to announce, that Mark, aka warhead, has joined Chaotic Dreams. He has coded our latest Internal Release, which the Team just got last night. This is no small matter, as anyone out there trying to write and package muts for the pre-alpha Unreal Tournament would know. If you are interested in some of what is involved, Mark has taken the time to write up a detailed summary of how he managed to get this far.

Mark does has some experience prior to coming to Chaos. He wrote code for a UT3 versions of Bombing Run, and he was coder for The Reliquary TRBP team also.

We are grateful for his hard work, and glad he’s decided to call Chaos home.

The Doctor is In! – As Social Media Manager

Dr. Flay has joined Chaotic Dreams as our new Social Media Manager. Chaos has had a presence on places like Twitter, FaceBook, and Google+, but we haven’t always taken full advantage of those outlets. These are however, right up the Doc’s alley, so we’ve turned over those keys to him.

Welcome aboard Doc!

Mike Joins Chaos, slays Malcolm

Mike, aka thatscrawnykid, has joined Chaotic Dreams, and promptly slays Malcolm with his new Proxies and Bastard Sword.


This is for the new, free, version of UT that is in the works, and Mike’s work is looking very, very good so far.


Stay tuned for more pics, including his new version of our Relics!

We are still looking for more help btw, including mapping, character modeler, artist/wordpress expert …


Robert Joins Chaotic Dreams, starts coding new version!

Yes, that’s right. We have a brand new coder on our team. His name is Robert, and he’s off to a very impressive start.

He has begun making a new version of Chaos for the new, free version of UT that is currently in Pre-Alpha. He has made excellent progress already on a Grappling Hook, as well as our Anti-Gravity Belt.

Here’s a short, simple video showing just a touch of the Anti-Grav Belt in action, in the new UT:

We are now looking for someone with modeling skills, to join Robert, and get in on ground floor with what we hope is going to be something big. If you are interested, please contact us via forums, email, IRC, or even on our new twitter @TheChaosMod.

We are all set up to provide just about any support you might need. Just come talk to us, and let’s see where we can go together!

Thanks for reading, more to come!

Mother Chaos Down Under

A friendly visitor using the tag: “progames” has posted the following in our forum:

Hey all… been a while but just wanted to drop a heads up that Progames Australia is back on the interwebz… we even have our ORIGINAL Chaos site from 1998 online to pay hommage to the greatest Quake II mod ever.

But the big thing is… our Quake II Chaos server is back ONLINE

Server Hostname:
Server IP:

Its set for 16 player max.. and is on a very nice fast link for those who are based in Australia / New Zealand.

CUT2 – 3.8001 Public BETA Released

Recently we released a public BETA labeled 3.8, for ChaosUT2 (UT2004). It quickly became clear to us that a kind of important bug had slipped past us, in that the bots weren’t using the vehicles in ChaosCTF or HyperCTF. Something that we should have noticed, but then again, this is the nature of the beta testing process.

It’s not unusual for a BETA build to have bugs, that’s how these things go. But since this one was kind of a bummer to someone who might want to play ChaosCTF or HyperCTF with the bots, we decided to address it right away. So we have released public beta 3.8001. This can be grabbed right here:

Public BETA 3.8001

This small hotfix requires that you are already patched up to our previous (much larger) BETA build, which was 3.8 (see previous post for all the info on what 3.8 included). If you don’t have that yet, you can get it right here:

Public BETA 3.8

If you would like to see 3.8001 in action, you can do so right now at genman‘s server;

ChaosVer3.8001RunningStandardandCBPMaps –

Thanks to genman for the server!

– – –


These recent BETAs included (among other things) a revamped Hoverboard, and some updates to HyperCTF (which features the Hoverboard). But much like any other game type out there, the right mix of maps is really required in order to get the most out of the game play. (Kinda like if you wanted to play our melee Duel game type, but you jumped into a huge 32 player Onslaught map – you might walk away thinking “WTF was that about!”)

So if you want to try out HyperCTF, there is a list of maps I posted on our forums that I feel help to highlight the type of game play that was in mind when putting HyperCTF together;

VCTF maps for HyperCTF

Just to be clear, those are not Chaos maps, they are just maps that I think work well for the game type.

I hope you decide to give HyperCTF a shot. It is still a WIP version of VCTF, but one I consider a ‘proof of concept’, and one that I hope to see more development on in the future.

Thanks for reading!

Cal Joins Chaos – plus CUT2 BETA 3.8 released

We are happy to share with you our latest public BETA for our ChaosUT2:Evolution mod. There are a very large number of changes and additions in this build. Highlights for this version include;

  • - a totally revamped Hoverboard (which includes our new barrel roll feature!)
  • - a reworked HyperCTF gametype (you can now grab flags and score without getting off your hoverboard)
  • - the personal teleporter (a feature that we haven’t included since our Q2Chaos version)
  • - Rainbow Rails – a variety of colors to choose from for your rail gun and it’s firing effect (works online or offline, even switching in mid-game)

Plus a whole lot more. But first things first – The 3.8 BETA file can be found here:

3.8 Download – Source: GameFront

Edit: this has since been updated to 3.81, which you can get on our CUT2:E downloads page.


Cal joins Chaotic Dreams -

There has been a lot of work put into this 3.8 version of the mod, and pretty much all of it coming from one person – our newest team member – CalicoZero, aka Cal. Cal is a good friend of mine, and has been hanging out here for years helping to beta test and hosting servers and just doing whatever he could to help promote the Chaotic cause. Lately though, he has delved into actual coding, and has been busy, very busy, with ChaosUT2.

I have been very impressed to see how far he has come, since he first started as a beta tester. Years ago I was assisting him through testing sessions, and now he’s releasing new builds to the mod pretty much all by himself. Though we would like to once again thank Tony the Slayer, and Azarael for their continued support and assistance.

About the Hoverboard -

  • The Hoverboard now has a brand new primary weapon, the HB38. It replaces the old laser style gun, and is now a very rapid firing projectile. The model looks the same (for now?), but it has a completely new feel to it. In my opinion, it is much more satisfying to use. Feels beefy. Makes things go boom.
  • There is also a fancy enhanced scope on the alternate fire key, very similar to what you see on our sniper rifle and turret cameras. It helps you to track enemies around the map, and highlights vehicles and proxies and turrets – just about anything you need to be aware of to stay alive and stay productive.
  • Plus you now have the barrel roll feature. It’s a great way to show off as you fly away with your enemies flag. But, how does it work? Well, as you may or may not know, the Chaos mod has always had a ‘kick’ feature, which you can bind in your input settings. The kick has always allowed you to kick things around the map, such as other players. Well, now when riding the Hoverboard, you can ‘kick’ it into roll mode – then simply lean (strafe) left or right, do some fancy rolls, and then ‘kick’ it back out of roll mode. Neat stuff, eh? You betcha!
  • But wait. There’s more. I tried to tell Cal we shouldn’t do this – that it was crazy and out of control – but there was no stopping him. With a maniacal laugh, he has reverse-engineered the Spirit Skulls of our Vengence relic, and given this power to anyone on a Hoverboard. I know, right? It’s insane. But, how does it work you ask? Well, just use your ‘drop relic’ key while riding a Hoverboard, and you will unleash a ‘heat seeking Spirit Skull’, which will automatically target any enemies in vehicles. “But, why!?”… you might be wondering. Well, hell, I dunno. Let’s say they are pissed off souls of infantry who were squashed by vehicles, looking for revenge. Yeah, that’s it. Works for me, besides, it looks really cool and it’s lots of fun.

About HyperCTF -

HyperCTF (HCTF) is a Chaotic variation of VCTF, that works in any VCTF map. But in HCTF the Hoverboard is the only vehicle in the game (it automatically replaces any vehicles in the map). In addition, all players spawn with auto-recharging rail guns, and auto-recharging Anti-Gravity Belts. The changes for this release include;

  • We have changed the rules a bit. You can now grab flags and score without ever getting off your Hoverboard. It’s crazy fast. Players on foot still have their auto-recharing rail guns, and of course we have the newly revamped Hoverboard flying all over the place.
  • In order to assist the infantry, we have added the Claw2 to your loadout when you spawn, pre-loaded with 6 proxy mines. There are no ammo spots in HyperCTF, so you can’t go get more, but – these proxies are equipped with their very own Anti-Gravity Belts! All the better to reach out and touch some of these Hoverboard riders.

About the Personal Teleporter -

  • This is a feature we first introduced waaay back in the first version of our mod, the one from Quake 2 (which I like to call Mother Chaos). It’s a very simple feature to use and understand, but can be extremely useful and full of strategery if you are creative.
  • Just bind a key for it in your Chaos binds, and then make sure you have at least ’60’ energy available on your Grav-0-Meter (that GravBelt icon/counter on your HUD), and you can place the teleporter exit (we’ve been calling it an ‘egg’ lately). Then, whenever you feel the time is right, just hit your teleporter keybind again, and you are instantly teleported back to wherever you placed the ‘egg’. And that’s it. It’s a one-at-a-time deal, so once you teleport back, the egg disappears, and you have to start over again. It does cost energy, so  use it wisely. Also comes in Red/Blue flavors for team games – so you know which ones to place booby-traps (laser-mines, turrets maybe?) around and which ones to leave alone.

And that’s not all. I still haven’t mentioned everything this build covers. There are bug fixes and tweaks and so forth as well. Visit our forums for more information, including screenshots and movies.

All of this for the low low price of absolutely nothing. Just click, install, and enjoy. We hope you have fun.

And if you do give it a shot, we would love to hear what you think. So if you have bug reports, questions, comments, or suggestions – be sure to visit this forum thread –

Feedback on CUT2 Public BETA 3.8

Thank you for reading!

Oh, yeah – one more thing: we already have more ideas for our next build. So, stay tuned!

Cal posts more CUT2 update info

Cal has been very busy making all kinds of updates to the UT2004 version of our mod. He has progressed beyond just fixing bugs, to actually adding new features. For example, our HyperCTF game type is getting one hell of a make-over. Here’s a video he posted showing some of the new Hoverboard changes;

and there’s more. So feel free to visit his dev thread in our forums right here:

Cal’s Development Journal

By the way, the next release/update of our public beta is expected to be approximately a week from now, on or around 9/08. At that time you should be able to try a few barrel rolls yourself.


erdw_orange  How about players getting to choose from various colored rail guns (and rail gun effects), which actually show up in online matches? (non-team games of course).

We’re working on it! Fingers crossed!